Armament Regulation & Monitoring System


By William Bishop

“The progressive solution to universal background checks”

1. Purpose of the ARMS:

A cryptographically secure program which facilitates the ability of the United States government to institute universal background checks requisite to the sale or purchase of firearms without establishing any form of firearm ownership registry or infringing the right to bear arms. This will allow private and professional sale of firearms to be done in a legally binding manner agreeable to all citizens of the United States.

2. Definition of the ARMS

The ARMS is a relationship of two secure entities:

  1. The first entity is controlled by the Federal Government: a secure server which keeps a master list of every citizen in the United States and their status with regards to legal right to purchase and bear arms, as well as the reason for denial of the right to purchase arms should that citizen be denied. This list should only be visible to the ARMS and the federal employees responsible for it’s administration. Should the list contain a denial of rights without a reason, or a reason not approved by law, the ARMS will refuse the denial of rights and allow the sale or purchase of arms to that citizen.
  2. The second entity is controlled by each State’s Defense Force (SDF): a Peer-to-Peer run network of one server per state which runs the core program of the ARMS. The SDF is chosen as the host of the network as they can not become federal entities, and under 32 U.S.C. § 109 of the US Constitution they are not required to operate under the orders of the military or federal government. This is intended to protect the ARMS from possible corruption, especially by the federal or foreign governments for the purpose of creating a national or centralized armaments registry. Any citizen engaging in the sale or purchase of arms must do so by requesting a background check from the ARMS, and if cleared can immediately transfer the ownership of firearms to the purchaser/borrower.

3. Legal Changes that might be needed to implement the ARMS

  1. The federal government must create an SDF accessible and universally secure server to host the approved ownership list, called the Federal Armaments Consent Table (FACT).
  2. The Federal government is responsible for having this list fully updated and populated at all times. In the event data is missing, ARMS will allow unrestricted transfer of armaments between citizens.
  3. Each state government must create a publicly accessible and universally secure server under the SDF to host the ARMS for the purposes of conducting universal background checks.
  4. Every purchase, lease, rental, borrowing, sale, etc. of firearms must be done through the ARMS.
  5. No one can monitor or attempt to monitor the transactions between ARMS and the FACT.
  6. No one can publish or attempt to publish the contents of the FACT.
  7. No one can falsely register or attempt to falsely register armaments with the ARMS.
  8. No citizen may register a physical serial number they do not own.
  9. No one cantransfer armaments privately without using ARMS.
  10. It is a felony to attempt hacking into ARMS.
  11. It is a felony to attempt decrypting ARMS cryptographic functions.
  12. No one can use or attempt to use another citizen’s DART ID for the ARMS. *Note: necessary legal changes are not limited to those provided by this document

4. How the ARMS Works

Registering an armament:

  • Every citizen in America has the right and ownership of one virtual arms ‘safe’ (Digital Armament Repository & Tracker or DART) stored within the SDF’s ARMS network.
    • To prevent unauthorized tracking of citizen’s armaments and activities, an ID is generated for every citizen’s DART and the ARMS stores the relationship between that ID and the list kept by the federal government. It is must be legally impermissible to store which citizen is attached to a given ID by ARMS.
  • Every DART keeps track of the citizen’s legal ownership of any armament, and facilitates the legal transfer of title proving ownership of the armament.
  • An existing firearm can be added to a citizen’s DART by supplying the ARMS with the armaments/firearm’s serial number, which is used to create the armament/firearm’s digital identification code.
    • It does this by creating an identification code resulting from a secure cryptographic hash function on the firearms physical serial number.
      • When current security algorithms (RSA) become ineffective for protection of data due to advances in quantum computing technology, the ARMS must be legally required to transition to a post-quantum cryptographic model.
    • The federal government is not legally permitted to have ownership or knowledge of the function, the physical serial numbers of the armaments, or the relationship between any armament’s physical serial number and identification code with the citizen who owns it.
      • Should the cryptographic function or citizen’s physical serial numbers become known by any federal government employee or elected official, the public and SDF of each state must be legally required to be informed immediately so that a new cryptographic function can be created and the appropriate responses can be taken.
  • When a serial number is registered to a DART, the ARM System sequesters the the number preventing other citizens from registering an armament with a duplicate serial number.
    • ARMS does not need, and must be expressly forbidden from, storing the relationship between a physical serial number and it’s identification code.
      • This means that the government, federal or state, does not know who owns which arms. The system only recognizes that the citizen owns an armament with a given ID, and authorizes the transfer of that ID from one DART to another.
    • In the event the ARMS already has registered a citizen’s armament, the citizen with proof of ownership can flag the serial number for being falsely entered into the system. The system will flag the DART ID which registered it and the reporting ID; and bar both from any further ARMS activity until they go to their nearest SDF to adjudicate the case. The owner possessing the armament with the valid serial number can present proof of ownership to their local SDF, who can manually attach the arm’s ID to that user’s DART. The ARMS system can then flag the FACT to alert the federal government whom can utilize that data to determine which citizen committed a felony. The SDF must be legally forbidden from utilizing this function without just cause.

Transfer of ownership process:

  • In order to legally purchase or sell arms in the US, the transaction must be approved by the ARMS.
  • An exchange between buyer and seller can be considered complete after the ARMS verifies the sale is valid and the armament’s code is removed from the seller’s DART and is added to the buyer’s DART.
  • In order for the ARMS to transfer the arm’s code from the seller’s DART to the buyer’s DART, the buyer must pass a background check. To accomplish this, the buyer must supply the seller with their DART ID to request the check from the ARMS against the FACT. If the DART ID returns that the sale is valid, a prompt to transfer ownership of the armament is supplied to the seller. If the seller determines the sale is completed and the requisite funds are transferred from the buyer to the seller, the seller will accept the prompt and the armament code will be removed from the seller’s DART and added to the buyer’s DART.
    • The background check and the transfer of arms is thus completed in a manner which is anonymous from the perspective of the state and federal government.
  • After an exchange occurs, the transaction is validated by the other 49 states on the Peer-to-Peer network.
    • Should the other 49 states determine the transfer is invalid, the transaction is halted and it is upon both parties to request adjudication at the SDF to resolve the problem.

Adjudication of issues related to armaments:

  • ONLY with a warrant signed by a judge, the SDF alone has the ability to enter a physical serial number into ARMS and return the generated code for an armament in the system and can release that data to federal or state law enforcement.
    • The SDF can not be compelled to release any information for any other reason and is within their rights to reject demands for data from any entity.
    • The ARMS will have the ability to alert the other 49 states of any illegal attempt to access data.
      • Intentional abuse of this functionality must be legally impermissible.
  • In instances of false registry of armaments, the citizen which possesses the physical armament or proof of possession can give their permission to the SDF to transfer the code generated from the serial number to their DART from the offender’s DART. That offender’s DART is restricted from use until requisite fines or legal issues are resolved – which the offender can expect will be served by the state or federal law enforcement.
  • The governor of a state is legally permitted to alter or affect their state’s ARMS only with approval from the state legislature and notifying the general public ahead of any motions to pass through the legislature.
    • It must be legally impermissible for the governor of a state to affect the ARMS under any other circumstance.
    • The only instance in which the ARMS system can be accessed or altered in a way not previously covered is under martial law.

5. Other Actions the ARMS is capable of:

*Note: This document only outlines the universal background check as the desired function of ARMS and does not advocate for the uses listed here. These uses are just some of the possible extensions of the ARMS program should they be desired in the future.

  • Replace the current paper-based open/concealed carry gun permits.
    • Should law enforcement wish to check if the weapon being carried by a citizen is allowed to be carried, the ARMS could display that the citizen with that DART ID is registered with the necessary permit as permit status can be attached to a DART ID. This document does not advocate for this.
  • Institute limits on the armaments permissible to be carried on one’s person.
    • Armaments can be ‘checked out’ and listed as such in their DART. A ‘checked out’ firearm is permitted to be carried for use in self-defense. Law enforcement can, with a warrant, ask the citizen for the physical serial number of their arms. This can then be given to the SDF to validate that the resultant identification code matches the citizen’s listed ‘checked out’ armament in their DART. (View-able from any smart device)
      • Legislation could determine the maximum number of ‘checked out’ arms permitted to a DART to ensure that firearms aren’t being wantonly lent out for carry by citizens without permits. This document does not advocate for this.
    • This same mechanism can be used to check anyone bearing arms for red flag law violations
  • Allow for legally binding agreements of rental or borrowing of armaments.
    • Armaments can be ‘lent’ from one DART to another. During the lending period, the code would transfer to the other DART flagged as ‘borrowed’. The code would be displayed in the lender’s DART as ‘on loan’. This follows the same logic as an arms sale; But after an agreed upon period of time, the borrower’s DART would remove the code and the lender’s DART would remove the ‘on loan’ status of the arm’s code. Continuing to hold onto the armament by the borrower would no longer be legal.

America is a State of Mind

What comes to mind when you say America? The answer varies greatly from person to person even in America, let alone the rest of the world. A quick answer that’s becoming increasingly dated would be baseball, hot dogs, and the American Dream. Some might say football or others basketball. Some might be vegetarian or vegan. The American Dream might not be how you see your life, despite actually living in or even being born in America. Outside the country we might be seen as overly aggressive, overly white, overly privileged, or overly fat. Some see us as the source of evil, and our economy is eroding their norms as commerce, technology, and the internet alter worldviews, change cultural traditions, or drop bombs and drone strikes. Like anything, what something is depends entirely on your own unique perspective. So what then, is America? If one person living in America can’t even fully agree with their own neighbor what the perfect answer is, then where does the heart of America lie? It’s not something you step on, open up, look at, cross a river into, or even a country, really. If America lost to the Nazis and they re-named it New Adolf, would you stop calling it America? NO. Of course not. America isn’t just some land mass on some planet in some universe. Even if all those changed America would still exist. Because America exists in all times and all worlds. Because America is our dream land. Because America is our friends and our families. Because America is a state of mind.

I love this land where at least I know I’m free. It’s catchy for a reason. In America we take freedom for granted. Our ancestors gave their lives so we could take freedom for granted. Think about this for a second. In America we balk at the notion that we could lose our freedom. Times can be good, times can be bad. Sometimes we’re flying high sharing a beer over pizza having just got that promotion and a nice big pay raise. Sometimes we are hit by a semi or are diagnosed with terminal illness. But through the good times and the bad, at least we’re free. This isn’t true everywhere, though. Can you imagine it? You are brought up by a poor family with no access to quality education or the education you do get teaches you to believe Kim Jung Un is a literal God. You watch your parents bow their heads to the police as they walk by out of fear. You are ready to fight or even kill to secure a bit of money or food. People are a product of their environment. People who only see life as those who struggle to survive and those who lord their power over others are not free. Life is just those who have power and those who don’t. Those who look you in the eye and those that bow their heads. These people hear that in America people are free. People aren’t afraid of their government. Those with power don’t just take from those who don’t. (Although one could argue people are wage slaves now and corporations are killing American values) Not only are we free here in America, we would fight any who would try to take our freedom. In America looking someone in the eye is giving them your undivided attention, not some primal move to assert dominance or power. We don’t live in fear. America fights fear. America toppled the Nazis in World War II. America was the first to put a man so far into the unknown he set foot on the moon. America is the source of the internet and breaking down the barriers between nations. America was the first to show the power that exists even in the tiniest atom. America is a land of pioneers, entrepreneurs, and free happy people. Americans don’t work as slaves but choose to contribute to society to advance into the future and lead better lives. Americans work together to create the greatest and most powerful country on Earth. We are the shining beacon of hope. Every voice is heard and none are silenced. Every person has equal share in the ownership of our government. Everyone votes in a free election. Everyone has a say in how the rule of law is formed and no one is above the law. America is a country of men; not kings or despots. America is a Democracy, where all people are equal and have the opportunity to pursue success and happiness. America is a place where no matter what God you worship, no matter what you look like, no matter what you want to say or how you want to live; You. Are. Free. We reject tyranny. We reject fear. We reject evil. We choose to be free. We choose to embrace love. We choose to be good. We choose to be Americans.

What then, is happening in the minds of Americans? Now that it almost seems as though Americans are willing to fight over an increasingly authoritarian leader against their countrymen whom would defend him. The reality is actually quite simple. The same feelings exist in both groups on both sides. Yes, it is these same core American ideals that both sides are ready to fight for. If we ever come across a threat to America we should be proud that so many are ready to fight and defend their country. Truly, everyone who pushes for Trumpism and everyone who pushes against Trumpism, is a hero. I am disheartened only by the bystanders. Those who obey power without question. These same people did nothing but their day jobs as the holocaust happened. While it’s disappointing, I understand why they see it this way. Most lived hard lives and every time they put their hope in a politician, they were disappointed. Fascism, Democracy – are either paying their bills? Freedom? Can you eat that? Control? Is it warm? The stock market? Does it have cheap rent? These people are so downtrodden in their hearts and minds that without even realizing it they have internally normalized tyranny and corruption. Money talks and shit walks. These people are the product of a life that browbeat them into submission. I can only hope that I never grow so defeatist and pessimistic. I can only hope that if the gun were pointed at my head and I was asked, “Tyranny or death?”, I would boldly face that Neo-Nazi and say, “I’ll have the death” and spit in his face. Honestly though, knowing me I’d be crying, shaking uncontrollably, and shit myself while stuttering out “M-mercy… P-please you know I can’t.” Until I actually get there I can’t say for sure how stable my spine is. People who can honestly stare death in the face and laugh are either nuts or on a whole other wavelength – kudos to our armed service. But I do know that I can’t live under tyranny. Authoritarianism. Dictatorship. Putin. Trump. (I’ll explain that last one in a bit) Most Trump supporters have probably agreed with most of what I’ve said until now, same as the Never Trumpers. Hey there (never)Trumper, you’re among your countrymen. You see, Trump supporters honestly believe that they’re the ones fighting tyranny and oppression. You shouldn’t blame them for being on the other side. These people love their country. These people love the same America. This people are willing to fight to defend all those great things we love about our country. America is a state of mind they share. What’s different? Perspective.

You see, both sides of the Trump equation honestly believe that they’re fighting for what is right. America is a state of mind they believe in and will die to protect. The same America the other side is willing to fight to protect. Only, one side is being tricked by what you might call “a false prophet”. I’m not the President. I don’t own a media conglomerate. I’m not a wealthy politician on some committee. I don’t have all the answers in every detail like they might. I only have all the information that is available to everyone through books, the media, and the internet. I think that I am like most Americans in this regard, no? In pouring through all the information and (unfortunately) disinformation we have available to us there are only two possible truths: America is being taken over by a deep-state (possibly Jewish) socialist agenda pioneered by wealthy socialist (possibly Russian) extremists hell-bent on destroying Democracy, collapsing the economy, and eroding our faith and values |OR| Trump is a liar. Either the malicious wealthy elites in control of the government, corporations, foreign governments, all NGOs and watchdog groups including the ACLU, and the even the criminal underworld are in on some massive conspiracy to drag down Trump the second coming with a bogus sham partisan impeachment |OR| Trump is just guilty of trying to abuse the system to get rich and rig the election to stay in power – as testified by career officials. You see, this is the story they are being given by the man they’ve put their trust into. The man they’ve put their hopes into. The man being validated by their churches and by their news sources and confirmation bias created by unchecked ‘facts’ from their friends and loved ones on Facebook or other media. Sullying this man would mean accepting a bitter truth that isn’t easy to look at. He’s a power-hungry would-be despot that is caging children and looting the US Treasury that they fought tooth and nail to get elected. To them, this also means they have no hope. There is no one left to defend their values as some liberal socialist destroys America. The future is bitter and bleak. Their planet is dying and rich entitled brats control everything and if they stop working under their oppressive regime they’ll lose their homes and lives. All is lost.


Fortunately for you Trump fans that’s just NOT TRUE. You’re being led to believe that by a lying traitor and you need to recognize him for what he is. He is eroding the law by placing himself above it. He fancies himself a God above lesser beings. He wants to run the country as it’s Emperor, and he’s grooming his son-in-law to take over. He wants to do what he’s always done his whole life! Put on a big fancy show in his honor, degrade those he doesn’t like, flatter those he does, do whatever he wants as much as he wants, toss money and SLAPP suits at any naysayers, stuff every dollar he can touch into his pocket, and finally after all’s done, slap a TRUMP logo atop the White House. He wants to look at Putin and say, “Yeah yours is nice, but mine’s nicer” with a smug grin. This doesn’t have to happen! You love America! We’re free! Why do you think immigrants are taking jobs and making your lives miserable? Trump needed a scapegoat to blame so he would be the man to fix it – that way you’d vote for him! Are immigrants taking jobs? Sure! They’re taking the work most Americans don’t want or even know about! They’re working as farm-hands, dish washers, and janitors. They’re keeping our parks clean and crops fertilized! Most of the labor and manufacturing jobs in places like oil, coal, and steel are losing employees because they’re going overseas or being automated! These jobs aren’t coming back, because we don’t want them to! If all the work you did as a steel employee is being done by a robot, there’s just that much work that no longer needs doing. Well, then how do I get paid? Great question! First thing: don’t re-elect Trump! He’s the guy who is cutting the programs to help you out while still managing to spend over half his time golfing! Second: We need real reforms in the form of social benefits to keep you going even when you’re not working! Just because we don’t need a person doing your old job, doesn’t mean the value of your labor just disappeared. Instead it ended up as the bonus for the executives and CEO – you know, Trump’s golf buddies. Rather than all of the value of your work being sucked out by Trump and his rich buddies, shouldn’t you be getting some of that value? We need real reforms that address poverty and give Americans opportunities to either find other work or otherwise advance their education either in a different field or trade. You know what? We can! And we can take the money from the corporations to fund you! Remember how the value of your work got added to the CEOs pocket when he installed the Trump tax-funded robot? Well, with a smart corporate and wealth tax that money goes back to you in the form of credits and education . In fact, they’ve been taking so much for so long we can take enough to pay for your healthcare too and they’d still be hand-over-fist making more money than ever and be the richest people on the planet. Maybe we should fix that at some point, but for now, how about we just get some fairness? Trump promised you the world because you were desperate and he knew exactly what you wanted to hear. Trump isn’t Jesus. Trump is the false prophet. Trump lied so he could take power. He played you so he could get rich. He tricked you so he could be the president. And now he even wants you to fight so that he can be king. It’s not the Democrats that want to void your vote and start a coup. It’s the Democrats who are the last legal line between pulling down a corrupt president and civil war to defend Democracy. They see it the same way you do, only in reverse. To them (and me because it’s how I see it), Trump is spreading propaganda and lies with right-wing “alternative fact” sources and Fox News. To them, intelligence shows that these false narratives originated in Russia. To them, they see clear financial ties between the GOP and Moscow. To them, Trump did something irregular with Ukraine and any attempt to find out what exactly happened has been met with a total blockade by the President. You see, apart from a few vocal ones that called for impeachment to galvanize their base from the start, most Democrats see the Ukraine affair as this: Every non-partisan career official that was involved testified Trump is guilty of attempting to rig the election. Most of the testimony is circumstantial, but the full evidence to show what exactly went on in Ukraine is being withheld by the President. Every attempt to access witnesses, documents, or subpoena anyone in his administration is being categorically denied. They have no choice but to assume guilt and impeach. Can you really call that a sham? If the husband of a dead woman said in court, “I didn’t kill my wife. Look everywhere you want except my gun safe and my body-sized freezer”, you wouldn’t let that stand for even an instant would you? That’s just absurd. And yet, the Democrats have no choice but to view it this way. What is their alternative? There’s nothing to see here?

What am I trying to get at here? People aren’t bad because they’re being lied to. Either I, the DNC, the intelligence community, every non-Fox news outlet, and the entire free world has been deceived in a Machiavellian conspiracy the likes of which would shame the Illuminati |OR| Trump supporters have been lied to by Trump, the GOP, Fox, and maybe even their pastor. We need to get the truth and pull everyone back under one banner that is just pure honest America. We need to pull back from being so willing to fight. But also remember that anyone willing to fight is saying that they love America. Next time you see someone supporting Trump (although not always the case), try to remember you see someone who loves America too. Try to remember they’re someone’s relative too. Try to remember they’re trying to be a good person too. Try to remember they’re working hard to get by too. Try to remember they’re hoping for a better future too. Try to remember that they also believe in America, that they love freedom, that they love our country, and that they will fight beside you to defend the American state of mind. It won’t be easy to come to grips with reality whichever side is right. We need to be supportive and welcome these heroes back with open arms. They have to give up their perception of reality, their accustomed support system, and everything they thought they were fighting for. Life is hard enough already. No one deserves to be lied to in the pursuit of power. Forgiveness and tolerance are American too.

[Vote for Bernie! He wants to help the 99% the most of all the choices whether you like Trump or not! If he doesn’t work out, I’m around 😉 ]