Here are the policy proposals that I have to address real problems Americans are facing today. Ideally, I’d like to have an original version and an ‘open’ version. Read the proposal for Americanized Democracy to understand what I mean by that. If any clever patriots want to help me set that up, please get in touch and send me a mail!

Americanized Democracy
It’s a new way of leveraging technology for the American people to be better represented by their elected representatives and bringing greater trust and transparency to Americans and their government. It aims to re-establish the role of a politician as a public servant rather than a king maker through keeping them connected to the people who participate in making laws together. Give it a read and let me know what you think! Also, share!!

End illegal immigration with a new path to citizenship
The idea behind a Non-Citizen worker is that anyone (apart from felons) can become an American citizen from abroad so long as they contribute their time and labor to making America better tomorrow than it is today. This is largely a way to give existing immigrant laborers more protections, rights, access to police, fire, and health services without fear of deportation, and a legal bank account. This will give everyone a chance to earn their citizenship.

Citizen Service Account
This is an expanded but streamlined way for every citizen in America to interface with their government and access their social benefits. Give a read, I think you’ll enjoy it. Then, if you like ANY part of it (we can talk about how to improve), please, please share it! I want my ideas to be a part of the conversation.

Universal Food Care
(Terrible name, what name do you like? Send me a tweet or mail) is basically a more fleshed piece of the Citizen Service Account focused primarily on the Food and Nutrition portion of Citizen benefits. Give a look to see how I did my math and then let me know how we can improve on the idea. This isn’t meant to be a finished version but a first draft. I want the input of all Americans so we can make these ideas fair and equitable for all of us. I want to hear from you.

Progressive Universal Background Checks
Universal background checks which create a registry are likely unconstitutional, especially with a now conservative majority in the SCOTUS. I have created a technology-based solution to allow for background checks without creation of a registry. I strongly suggest that this is implemented in VA (and later the country) going forward.

More in the works so stay tuned.

Share your responses!