Current Stances

Let me preface this list with this:

I, like all of you, am human (sorry robots!). Why I remind you of this obvious fact is because my position on issues is what I determine to be the best choice based on what I know and have experienced. If you see that I have chosen the ‘side’ opposite yours (There are no sides, just perspectives) then please send me an e-mail or tweet about why you think I’m not making the right choice based on your own personal experiences. Please don’t tell me what Hannity or Maher or whomever said – I’ve probably heard it before. Please, tell me about your understanding. When I get more information I can create a more robust and equal solution that includes you too. I can and probably will change some stances in the future as I get more information. You wouldn’t want a leader incapable of learning, would you? I can’t promise you’ll change my mind, but I promise I will listen with an open mind and will always keep you in mind. I promise that the only one making my decisions is me and my stances reflects how I see issues and what is good for all Americans, not just the wealthy ones. My solemn promise: I’ll do the right thing for all of us. #WeTheGoodPeople

What I am (and always will be) AGAINST: Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost. I don’t tolerate or espouse:

  • racism,
  • sexism,
  • antisemitism,
  • ageism,
  • homophobia,
  • slavery,
  • mosquitoes

All of these are pointless distractions that add nothing to the world and have no place in our future. If I left something off of here that you want to see, just let me know – this is by no means all-encompassing. If you want to see me represent something I am immutably against, ask yourself why you believe the things you do. Did you get it from a trusted source or did you experience it yourself? Are you sure that supporting one of these concepts is the right solution to those experiences? If so, let me say that I am a huuuuge believer that mental health needs to be taking a larger priority in our country and everyone can benefit from therapy. I know I do. #MentalHealthMatters

What I am FOR: (These are links to my explanation)

Citizen Service Accounts : New deal for social benefits

Participatory Democracy : Keeping citizens involved in the democratic process

New Path to Citizenship : An end to illegal immigration

Universal Food/Nutrition : Part of the new deal for social benefits

Social Democracy : Creating a more equitable union

Carbon Pricing & Global Warming: We need to combat global warming and we need regulations that will drive innovation. Like a carbon tax. If other nations don’t want to also change to green energy, well.. If Global Warming is an enemy to humanity’s future, and you’re the friend of my enemy… Doesn’t that make you my enemy, too? I think our foreign policy needs to reflect the seriousness of global warming. If Russia and China refuse to convert to non-renewable energy then we are enemies, as they are actively killing the ability for humans to live on Earth (We are too currently, but we won’t be if rational people are in charge. VOTE.)

Equal rights: Everyone is equal and has the same rights and freedoms. PERIOD. The fact that we still argue about this is downright embarrassing. Obviously dangerous criminals lose their right to freedom.

Marijuana: Legalize it! There are a lot of laws that need to be fixed because if it’s not the government’s business, it shouldn’t be a law. Marijuana use for adults(over 18-21), doesn’t hurt your developing brain(due to being an adult, it’s probably not great for your brain at any age though) and doesn’t cause overdoses or dangerous psychotic episodes. So why is it illegal? Those are the reasons the government should step in. Marijuana use therefore is not the government’s business. Now, obviously it needs a warning about risk of health problems from prolonged use; just like cigarettes.

Gun Control: I am in favor of smart compromises. We need to solve poverty and desperation to end the motivations for crime. A tiny number of people that are total psycho/sociopaths will still exist, and Americans deserve the means to defend themselves and their right to life and security. Also, you shouldn’t trust a government that takes guns away. The right to bear arms is intended to protect the people from their government.

Mental Health Reform: We need a conversation about mental health and removing the stigma of therapy and seeking treatment. Mental health problems isn’t a sign of weakness. If you develop age-related illness, you find ways to treat it. If you’re paralyzed, you use a wheelchair. If your brain isn’t producing neurotransmitters correctly, you take SSRIs. Just because it isn’t visible or you can power through, doesn’t mean you should. Imagine telling a legless vet that he needs to tough it out and crawl everywhere. People that need treatment should get it. Period. People that are a serious public health risk (violent) or end up on the streets need rehabilitation centers. America takes care of Americans.

Healthcare: Comprehensive healthcare for all. Added expenses for long-term hospitalized care, but subsidized so you won’t lose your home. (Maybe Bernie’s plan addresses this, but if you need 1,000,000/day to receive cutting edge expensive experimental treatment, I don’t see how full public coverage is economically possible)

Education: Make higher education and vocational training public institutions (and therefore ‘free’ to taxpayers). Elevate status and pay-rate of teachers to be competitive with doctors (Also make it similarly difficult to become a teacher). If you want a genius handling your open heart surgery, why would it be any different for the ones teaching your children to be adults?

Housing: Government housing public works projects to end homelessness and decrease housing costs

Jobs: Public Works projects to give jobs for all

Military: Analysis of spending to decrease spending smartly (Where and how much I can’t answer because I’m ignorant on it. I’ll admit it! I don’t have security clearances so I can’t make an informed decision). Russia is kicking our butts and they didn’t fire a single bullet. Brains beats brawn every time. So long as we aren’t jeopardizing Americans, we don’t need as many oil-based tanks or bombers. I’m flexible, however, so I can be convinced as to how much we do need. We can only decrease our military if other countries do so proportionately as well. I would use diplomacy to advocate for decreased militarization (at least the global warming variety!) Definitely increased focus put on cyber security and safeguarding against Psy-ops (from Russia, with love).

Trade: Increased free trade ability with all democratic nations not under sanctions. So long as Americans and the environment aren’t getting abused, go nuts.

Taxes: Complete overhaul. Streamlined progressive tax-reform, no more exemptions for billion dollar companies, no more loopholes to avoid taxes from the wealthy. Strengthen the IRS – we’re not collecting over a trillion a year due to a weak IRS. Add carbon pricing, stopping tax evasion, and an increased tax on big corporations and the 1%. If we still need funds to pay for everything then yes, more taxes (I’m not going to lie about it). I don’t envision any need to increase taxes on the bottom 99%, however. Spending would need to go up more than roughly 1.5 trillion/year for that to happen.

Government spending: I want to have an answer to the Why? for every cent the government spends. Then I want to say, can this be more efficient? Our government should be lean but effective. I think that a lot of automation and technology can be incorporated into our government to decrease overhead costs and thereby decrease taxes (or give more room for public works and paying off the deficit)

Social mobility: People need to have equal opportunity for success. Inherited wealth needs to stop avoiding the wealth tax. Wealthy starting points are inherently unfair. I’d love to hear ideas on other ways to make sure we have equal opportunity (other than quality free educations).

Citizens United: Get. Rid. Of. It. Now.

Electoral College: Remove it. Was put in by founders to prevent populism. Instead, it was ironically used to give us a populist. It’s anti-Democratic.

Patriot Act: Removal/Heavy limits and increased oversight

Anti-Trump laws: We need to get a big ol’ list of the abuses that we’ve been inundated with since Trump became president that no president in the future should be able to abuse. Executive privilege doesn’t mean obstruction of congress, violating hatch laws, kleptocracy via emoluments violations, etc. Similarly, releasing tax returns needs to be required. People with massive amounts of debt or finances tied to foreign governments shouldn’t be president. Ever.

Saudi Arabia: I’m not a fan of pretending to be friends with tyrants just because they have a lot of gold and oil. Roll back relations.

End Gerrymandering

Blue Laws: Get rid of them. For the most part, these aren’t actually implemented. Now, I’m not about to read through all of them so there might be one or two that should be given exception (I apologize if your favorite law is here, let me know). However, for the most part, these are arbitrary laws that were implemented to put Christian values into the State. We have a separation of church and state, and all religions are welcome in America. They need to go.

Abortion: Ban on separation viable abortions, make men pay for elective surgery fees if they didn’t get a vasectomy.

Planned Parenthood/Contraception: I didn’t plan to add this but I feel it needs mentioned since I put an abortion stance up here. Stop trying to defund these things; they help people outside of just abortion.

I’ll update this more later! Send me a tweet/email about an issue and I’ll add my stance on here after giving it some thought. I will slowly put up links as I write for why I believe a certain way so you can understand me and subsequently inform me of what I also need to know to represent you. You matter.