Non-Citizen Workers (NCW)

Non-Citizen Workers (NCW)

Proposal to end illegal immigration

Support for small business, green new deal, and public works

by William Bishop


Today, over 50,000 people are being detained at the border and many times more wait outside the border searching for an opportunity to enter the country. Families are torn apart, people live in dehumanizing conditions, and these people have no way out of their situation. Many of these people are asylum seekers that flee violence in their home countries and seek the relative safety and security of America. Granting an unplanned migrant population access to America will destabilize the country and lead to large tax-payer costs when these people become homeless, commit crimes to feed themselves, and burden hospitals with healthcare costs. Why then, can we not plan to utilize these people as resource to improve the country, end the humanitarian crisis at the border, remove the need for an inexpensive and unpractical wall, and give these people a legitimate path to citizenship? By creating a new path to citizenship that everyone* can have access to through the NCW program we can utilize migrants that need to enter the country without having the time or ability to pass through existing migration channels we can allow greater access and benefit the country as a whole. Much like the WPA of the New Deal Era, NCW can be used to provide workers for public works projects that will benefit everyone across the country (especially in the farming industry) and allow these aspirant citizens to earn their citizenship.

*Convicted felons or persons with questionable history won’t have access to this program

What NCW means:

Citizenship in exchange for Labor

Non-citizen workers are exactly that: people who are seeking citizenship or asylum who are working to the benefit of the public good in America. These people will have to put in a certain level of labor to earn citizenship in the country. Skilled labor will be worth more and dangerous labor even more still. (Must be 100% voluntary) The government essentially hires immigrants directly, and is able to then contract them out through the WPA. If they are hired by private citizens from qualifying industries (farming), they will be very low cost and give tax incentives. The caveat, is that no NCW may be hired over an existing citizen seeking the role. Jobs in the military (I’m not sure if this is feasible due to security concerns) would massively decrease the amount of time required to attain citizenship. Additionally, immigrants can earn the place of family members or friends if they choose to do so. They will only need to serve as an NCW for longer and put in more work. Jobs which require skilled artisans will also decrease the amount of labor necessary, with increased incentive for these artisans to take in apprentices. Ideally, each project a NCW can work on to achieve citizenship will give the NCW a certification or license for a particular field, such as plumbing or electrician. The clothing, food, and all associated costs and goods required for each NCW will be provided by the government as cheaply as possible while still being acceptable quality. NCW can open a bank account during their tenure and a very low income from the government will allow them to start accruing credit which will help them when the matriculate into society. I will not be establishing what that income is, or how much ‘work’ is needed for citizenship (I would suggest that the amount needed is increased based on demand). But I think this can end the border crisis and give a huge boost to the economy and the nation’s infrastructure and this is worth having some serious discussions about.

Re-establishment of the WPA:

In 1935, the WPA was created in response to a crisis: the Great Depression. In 2020, the WPA can be re-established in response to a crisis: the Border Wall Fiasco. The scope of the new WPA will be able give unemployed and underemployed citizens options for gainful employment that benefits the infrastructure of the nation (universal jobs) and give all citizenship and asylum seekers from outside of the country an opportunity to earn their place in America.

Projects that solve problems:

Housing as a Right: Inexpensive communal housing in which any citizen nation-wide has free access to a private room in a communal residence with communal living spaces. These will follow the hostel model of living and will effectively end the homelessness problem. It also allows impoverished citizens to escape paying rent they can’t afford until they can afford better housing alternatives. These communities would have a maximum occupancy of 150 (Dunbar’s number). They would consist of a small private room for each individual with a communal kitchen and living space with 10 rooms per kitchen/living room per floor. This would give each building 5 floors, and result in 3 buildings. Shared between each building would be a communal ‘park’ with benches, outdoor grills, and children’s playground. The cost would be kept low on materials to avoid overdrawing expenses from taxpayers and the labor would be sourced by NCWs. This would first target the largest homeless areas in the country and would end homelessness in America.

Clothing as a Right: Every citizen (and NCW) will be granted work uniforms and basic clothing articles aligned to the most green, economic, and value-driven materials. This will include, but is not limited to: shirts, pants, socks, shoes, and undergarments. These will be available to every citizen through the Citizen Spending Accounts. If citizens do not wish to utilize the service, the value of the clothes can be used elsewhere on the service. NCWs can work in a textile factory that produces these articles for the nation. Blankets can also be made and provided to shelters across the country whilst public housing is still under construction.

Infrastructure Investment: The electric grid in America was created almost 100 years ago, and needs to be overhauled. NCW can fuel the labor need in addition to any citizen which desires employment through the WPA. This will create more efficient grids and reduce energy cost long-term across the country. Additionally, the grid will be more expansive and more rural areas will have access to efficient energy and broadband access. NCWs that work in this field can gain valuable experience as electricians and digital information transfer experts. As part of developing America towards a green new future the public works will also feature wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric, geothermal, and alternative energy sources to move America into the leader of green energy in the future. The NCWs can gain significant experience in this field and certifications in which America will be the global leader. Lastly, NCWs can also work to improve the quality of roads across the country.