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There isn’t an issue more divisive than abortion. Either you want to defend the liberty of the unborn or you want to to defend the liberty of women. Unfortunately, it seems like you can’t defend both. In a nation that defines itself by offering liberty to all it’s citizens (current administration aside), a legal stance …

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Crypto-Secure Armament Regulation & Monitoring System (ARMS) By William Bishop “The progressive solution to universal background checks” 1. Purpose of the ARMS: A cryptographically secure program which facilitates the ability of the United States government to institute universal background checks requisite to the sale or purchase of firearms without establishing any form of firearm ownership …

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What is the Green New Deal?

What is the Green New Deal, exactly?

I break it down so we can understand what it is in an easily digestible format. Get informed!


Feed America

As part of a new administration that is increasingly concerned with green energy and eco-conscious trajectories for the future of the country we need to implement a new direction for the future of agriculture in America. The first part of this is a complete overhaul of the agriculture industry in a move to lower the …

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Trump Tariffs and the US-China Trade War Cripples American Farmers

American farmers are losing money and going bankrupt across America. Farmers don’t treat money the same way as you and me. You see, farmer’s business is their farms and as such to improve their business they re-invest in them. What does that mean? It means that while we put money into savings accounts in order …

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Thoughts on Gun Control

Note: I will continuously update this as I get more information Because this is such a divisive issue, my procrastination drive is in full gear. It isn’t obvious to you reading this, but this is really hard for me to write about because I need to walk a real fine line here. Before all else, …

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Capitalism is a Robot

Capitalism is a robot? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Good question. That’s actually what I’m going to convince you of. What I ultimately mean by that is this: Capitalism is callous and calculated. It pursues the most efficient possible solution, consequences are irrelevant. It achieves it’s intended purpose to maximize profit. The …

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