The Constitution and American Governance

AKA Why we have one and Why it’s a good thing

First and foremost let’s get this out of the way: America is NOT a Democracy. It amazes me how many opinionated people online belligerently oppose our system of government not only at the problems which plague it but at the very fundamental of America that has kept us free and made us great since the dawn of our nation. This is the conclusion reached when one is so mistreated in their lives that it they assume that the very institutions in place are the source of their misery. This ignores nearly all of our history. This ignores the reasoning and enlightened discussions of the framers. This ignores all the work our fathers and their fathers put in to this country. This is the mindset of a child that wants to flip the table when they lose the game. Life, obviously, is no game. It matters. Everything matters. There is a cause for every effect. It’s the nature of change by rational human beings. There was a motivation that inspired the actions of people to do whatever it is they do. People eat because they’re hungry. People have children so humans won’t go extinct. People drink because it makes them happy. People do what people. That’s fantastic. Good for those people. In America you are guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness BY THE CONSTITUTION. Now, I am by no means a Constitutional scholar. I’ve only read it from start to finish two or three times in my entire life. But I understand on a fundamental level why the founders made it the way they did. In the future, I might come to believe that a part here or there needs to fixed as I grow more knowledgeable. But as I type this as a 30 year old man, I understand the reason behind it. Were I to create a system of government today, I would wholeheartedly use the American Constitution to do it. Now, I would also have Social Democracy. The Constitution does NOT specify CAPITALISM. The Constitution does NOT specify a FLAWED TWO PARTY SYSTEM. I strongly recommend anyone that has problem with our government actually read the Constitution. Personally, I consider the first 10 amendments (the Bill of Rights) to also be a part of the Constitution. They were added at roughly the same time to address the concerns of people that weren’t present at the actual Constitutional convention. Were the framers to have the technology for correspondence and travel that we have today, they would most certainly have video called in and the Bill of Rights would be in the Constitution proper. The Constitution, however, is just the means of describing how our government is structured: Judicial representing administration of laws and reason; Executive representing the will and direction of the Nation, Legislative representing the will and rights of The People and States.

I want to focus on the how the Legislature is constructed specifically, and why, but let’s first address the other two branches of government. The Executive exists because, ultimately, the final say on the plan of the Nation is directed by living people and not documents. And ultimately, it is much more effective to have certain matters commandeered by a brilliant and talented individual than to have ceaseless discussion among Senators. Imagine if America isn’t a country but a person. Now when America gets into a fist fight with her enemy, say Russia, She needs to duck, block, parry, pirouette, and strike to lay Russia low. But if her mind isn’t solely focused on combat and instead is flooding her vision with distractions and chaos present in debate, then she is going to take a nasty hook to the chin and be laid flat on her back. This is the entire purpose of a President. The section of the Constitution regarding the powers of the executive is actually very small. (S)He can issue pardons, (S)He governs the military, (S)He can creates treaties and appoints ambassadors for foreign affairs, (S)He appoints judges (which must be approved by Congress), and (S)He fills vacancies in the Senate if one arises. THAT’S IT. THAT IS ALL THE PRESIDENT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO DO. Executive orders are something that is only quasi-legal if America is at war. Generally speaking? Executive orders are UNCONSTITUTIONAL AS HELL. Sigh. Thanks Bush 1&2 you treasonous war criminals. I’m serious. The Constitution is literally the highest law in the land. If you walked up and shot ex-President Bush in the face you’d probably get gunned down by police or the Secret Service but technically speaking you’re doling out the punishment for treason and therefore it would be legal. Murder is kind of a dick move, though, so don’t. But every President or Congress that has met since Bush left office is complicit in his crimes every day they aren’t arresting Bush for Treason and War Crimes. Let that sink in. The judicial is just that: judges that administer the laws because we make oh so many and, unlike anything written in a well-maintained format, they are more or less gobbledygook that kind of works but needs to employ a swathe of lawyers to figure out and decipher. (Note to self: Write piece about how we should clean up our existing laws) All it says is that One Supreme Court reigns above all the other lesser courts. Which is a good thing. We have one clearly visible Supreme Court that answers to the public and any cases which are undermining the rule of law can reach them through appeals. If all the laws were only handled by lesser courts than we would have corruption in a heartbeat. If Las Vegas only sourced their own judges and you had no appeals, it wouldn’t matter what the laws were. They would say black was white (much like what Trump does with his 13,000+ lies) and you would either bow your head or the Thin Blue Line would take you out. Get rid of you. Which is why the most alarming thing that Trump did in his presidency by far is appoint a massive number of judges. I strongly recommend that after Trump is removed we change the laws to allow for the removal of all Executive appointees SPECIFICALLY in the instance where that President was impeached and both the House AND Senate sign off on it. (I am firmly predicting the Executive, House, and Legislature to go ‘Blue’) That said, if you’re removing the appointments of a corrupt president so you can put your own in and start left-leaning tyranny, then you’re just as bad as Trump and you can go to hell.

So let’s get to the crux of the issue: the Legislature. This is the representation of the people. This is why we have a census. This is why we have votes. This is what makes or changes laws. This is what sources and spends your taxes. I have seen time and again people (I will assume all of whom have never worked a farm a day in their lives) say that there is a problem with our legislature because “landowners get more of a vote than us”. Yeah, buddy, they totally do. IN THE SENATE. The House of Representatives is the direct representation of the distribution of beliefs and desires of The People. In the House you have the result of a representative Democracy. A direct Democracy or pure Democracy would mean that we all vote on referendum literally every time we want the government to do literally anything. The reason we DON’T do this is because Life is Hard. Seriously. We can’t do everything at once. We work, learn, live, and do what we need to do to get by. We have problems and circumstances and social concerns. We have tons of stuff that make up our lives and determine who we are. This means that not everyone is able to understand the ins, outs, and reasons for why we have laws a certain way. This means that we don’t have the capacity to learn about and empathize with other people in circumstances different than our own. Therefore, in order to create laws or make decision in the best possible way to make sure that everyone in the country is represented fairly, we elect responsible and honest people to represent us in our government. HAHAHA. Or at least that’s the way it SHOULD be. I will write up why the Two Party System IS corruption incarnate and the people need to WAKE UP a little later. Stay tuned. But corrupt politicians aside, this is what the framers had in mind for the House of Representatives. Now, you might be thinking, “That sounds good. Let’s stop the two-party system and get rid of corrupt politicians and go with that!”. Ah. Yes. I am not a land owner. I do not own a gun. But I DO UNDERSTAND why those things matter. Annnnd now you’re about to as well. Yay you! The way human beings function is generally eat, sleep, reproduce. Well kick the calendar back a few thousand years and think about early civilization. People transitioned away from nomadic life with the advent of agriculture and animal husbandry. The foundations of our modern society. This is what must first be considered when building a nation. How to feed it and care for it. Let’s zip to 1776. Now imagine hmm Country A. Country A is made up of 1000 homesteads in which families own say 100 acres of farmland to support themselves in. They grow their own food. They make their own clothes. They raise their own livestock. They make their own ammunition. Pioneer life, basically. It’s fascinating stuff. Now they have ZERO need for a government. They are all self-determined and live in responsible and friendly communes where they have harvest festivals and trade their excess produce around so that every member of the commune might have some variety in their lives. This is basically communism. Personally, I think communism is nihilistic because it stops progress. Without progress humanity is at the mercy of war, plague, famine, and death. Without progress humanity goes extinct as the sun gets bigger and redder. Personally, I think communism is for quitters. But hey, I won’t force anyone to believe anything. Or do anything. BECAUSE I’M NOT A TYRANT. Sigh. Anyway, life sucks and then you die. Which is to say, that some warlord/capitalist is going to club a farmer over the head and take his food and then force him to build pyramids lest he wish to starve. Authoritarianism is natural. Civilization is artificial. Seriously. Even trees murder grass below them to have supremacy and live. Life is violence. I’m actually writing a book that allows people to see the world as I do. Stay tuned! Basically, power swells and accumulates and festers. Even with the best of intentions. Let’s say that 1000 homesteads produces enough resources for 1000 happy families. Now if one of the homesteaders creates an invention that allows for the increased efficacy and efficiency of the homestead by 10%, then suddenly they’re producing enough to make 1,100 happy families. With the surplus and efficiency they’re required to do less work to maintain their current lives, and with continued hard-work they could even expand their families. Suddenly there becomes the issue of how to handle the reward of creating innovation. This is the beginning of economics. But now that Nation A is flourishing, Nation B says, “HOLD UP! If they keep expanding they’ll have more power than us! They’ll take over!”. So Nation B decides to take their invention for themselves. And it’ll turn a blind eye to the soldiers who just want to take land, food, gold, and women. In order to stop Nation B, Nation A needs a military and as many people it can get. In order to keep their nation safe from the people it brings in, the people that become part of the community must follow the community’s rules. This is the beginning of politics and a government. So as time progresses, the number of men not working homesteads but working to invent and create to keep Nation A strong and secure grows larger and larger because more advancements increase the amount of food from the homesteads which in turn let the nation get bigger and stronger. To increase efficiency for the men not working the land, they convene in cities where their ambition leads them to either create or make their fortune marketing to those that do. This is how people operate on a fundamental level. Cities are efficient and will have much more people per capita than rural communities that source the food that support the cities. As such, cities will ALWAYS have a democratic majority when it comes time to vote. City men who do not understand the homesteader or farmer will then control the government which directly represents the number of people.

Zip-line to today. The ‘left side’ (seriously our two party system is cancer) is more or less always going be made up of populated urban centers filled with people. This is more or less what the framers expected and intended. These people are the most represented in the House and the House controls nearly all the laws made. The DNC controlling the House? That’s NOT in the Constitution. That’s CORRUPTION, pure and simple. This is why the “Republicans” (Seriously, rural farmers don’t have a choice), will always vote for Trump even though they hate him (And they do – again our two party system is corrupt societal cancer controlled by oligarchs). They’re simply on the GOP side of the two-party equation. Do they like the GOP? Nope. I mean some buy into the Trumpist populist racist bullshit but that’s mostly because their pastors are evangelical tithe-sucking vampires and their ‘news’ is Fox which ‘informs’ them of the ‘state of the nation’. I don’t fault ignorance when it is the product of lies and disinformation rather than willfully closing their eyes to reality (which I see some of too, sadly). The GOP controls the Senate which – again not in the Constitution – is corruption plain and simple. I will detail more about the state of corruption in our country later in another post as I mentioned earlier. So if Democracy always has the cities win representation and not the sparse rural community that our civilization is built on, then the House will legislate as they please and the farmers will have no choice but to bow to their whims and whatever laws are fashionable in cities. This is why gun rights is a single-issue vote for 99% of Republican voters. If any Democratic candidate promises gun freedom, they will get at least half of the votes of Rural America. They do not want Trump. They only wish to protect themselves from the whims of the majority. The only one protecting them is only able to do so because we have a Senate. The Senate represents people based on states – which is to say land. Every state gets two representatives. The spirit behind the senate is to protect the minority of Americans not in dense urban areas, but in states with relatively no people or fewer cities than other states. This means that if the representatives of the dense urban areas and democratic majority of The People wish the make changes to the laws, it needs the approval of the rural communities. This is why we have a bicameral legislature with the House and the Senate. It is simply the best way the framers could come up with to protect farmers from city slickers. If you have an alternate method of ensuring the minority is protected from the majority, good for you. This is America where all are free from tyranny, including tyranny from The People themselves. And in a nation where media manipulation controlled by the thieving billionaires is the status quo? That’s corporate fascism/neoliberalism/anarcho-capitalism and the right to bear arms is the only thing preventing them from ignoring the Constitution to just take land away from farmers. This is why the trade war is so, so bad for America. Our self-sufficiency and liberty in producing our own farmland is literally being bought by other countries. Scary times. But what doesn’t change with time? Americans are entitled to protect their lands and their lives from whatever comes at them from nature or other humans. That’s their freedom that is guaranteed in America. Because in America we are equal and free. Peace.

What is the Green New Deal?

Also, why should we care?

Before I go into what it’s about and why we need it let’s briefly pause to understand why it is even called the ‘Green New Deal’. First – Green. As most of you know, Green is the term used nearly world-wide to refer to any changes or policy decisions that are made with the goal of ecological preservation in mind. Why should we care about the environment? Jungles and rain forests are full of spiders and briers and endless swathes of poisonous monstrosities designed to kill with a touch. I, personally, would never walk through a rain forest. I, personally, am terrified of poison and spiders. And poisonous spiders? HAHA GET OUT. What about grasslands or empty space? Why don’t we expand into those areas with farms and ranches or new homes or cities? Well, you’re not wrong. If we cleared out all that space we can definitely re-use it in a way that could give us more room or food or whatever we like and likely reduce costs for the resources now being provided. That’s just basic math. Unfortunately, there is also a delayed consequence of this kind of economy/capital-driven mindset. First off, anything living there is out of a home and either adapts (raccoons and pigeons) or die (everything else). Pollutants and irritants enter the ecosystems affected which cause long-term damage poisoning the food chain and ultimately the humans atop the food chain. We see this with glyphosate in Round-Up. And of course, this decreases the ability of plants and plankton to make our atmosphere breathable. Lastly, industrialization (fossil-fuel based technology) increases the amount of carbon in the atmosphere which causes a global warming or greenhouse effect. All of these put together are how human civilization has caused climate change. Climate change that is very much not for the better – just ask the bees!

So now you understand what is meant by Green and what it means for policies or technologies to be ‘Green’. In some way, shape, or form a Green technology is reducing the negative impact of humans in some measurable way. For example, a Greener facial cleanser will NOT have plastic beads in it, as the plastic ends up getting into the food chain and killing smaller organisms. Now that facial cleanser might still be doing damage to the environment, but it is still better than their competitors who use plastic beads. We can make a progressive tax to encourage the private industry to transition to eco-friendly products. If they refuse to change, then Americans will suffer. The government will need to clean up the mess they’re making. So OBVIOUSLY, we need to tax them to PAY FOR THE DAMAGES THEY CAUSED. *deep breaths* So, when we want to go Green in America, we don’t want sweeping legislation to make all the bad stuff illegal overnight. The economy would collapse and chaos would shortly follow. This is why we want progressive changes. And this is exactly what the ‘Green New Deal’ is: A 10 year plan to transition us to an economic model that isn’t killing the planet and by extension humans who live on the planet. So then what do we mean by New Deal? Well, it’s an homage to the New Deal under FDR which pulled America out of the Great Depression through a large suite of legislation and public works projects created by the federal government. I actually have mixed feelings on the name myself. We very much need a New Deal to fix the economic disparity in our nation which would be very similar FDRs New Deals. So when we call for a Green New Deal the need for ecological reform is conflated with the need for socio-economic reform. It’s the same reason the March on Wall Street failed – too much noise. But we play the hand we’re dealt.. We need a New Deal, which is to say we need to establish regulations prohibiting or charging businesses for negative environmental impact as well as public works projects to promote the health of our environment and hopefully mitigate the damage done while stopping entirely continued destruction of our environment. That’s the ‘New Deal’. #GreenNewDealWithIt

So now that we understand why we need a Green New Deal and the goal of it, what specifically does the current Green New Deal hope to achieve? Well you can read it for yourself or I can try to break it down for you as best I can. Luckily for you, learning, understanding, and breaking it down for everyone is what I’m best at (in the world). The document starts off by detailing how much damage has been caused, how it will affect our economy in the future (Serious question: what do we do with Florida when no one will insure them because the severe storms make it practically unlivable?), how it affects our health, and how we can use the government to turn things around. It then gets a little off-topic with regards to things like gender or race (Which I’m not arguing against, it’s just slightly off topic) but eventually circles back to saying that we need to gradually implement changes to fix the very real and measurable problems being created by business and society on the environment and how that in turn affects all of us. It then sets the lofty (but necessary) goals that would be achieved at the end of the 10 year period. Clean water country-wide, 100% American energy independence with renewable clean energy sources, revitalizing infrastructure and manufacturing (power grid, rails, roads, etc) through public projects that are Green and create millions of jobs(and declaring all future projects should/must be green as well), and removing greenhouse gas emission from all current industrialized technologies (cars, factories, etc). Beyond that it goes into dealing with the fallout of the damage done – cleaning polluted areas, dealing with health problems, encouraging a planet-wide Green consensus, and more. Honestly, it’s hard to find faults with the Green New Deal as it is written because everything in it is a noble aspiration we absolutely should be striving toward. It’s not a binding contract. It doesn’t go into the specifics of how things will get done. For example, it wants agriculture to be green but it doesn’t have a single word about the nuts and bolts of how it’ll be achieved. It’s something I am working hard on, however. If we’re not trying to make the world better, then just what the hell are we doing?

#GreenNewDealWithIt @yourwjb

Feed America

As part of a new administration that is increasingly concerned with green energy and eco-conscious trajectories for the future of the country we need to implement a new direction for the future of agriculture in America. The first part of this is a complete overhaul of the agriculture industry in a move to lower the cost of food for Americans, lower the taxpayer cost of Citizen Service Accounts, increase the strength of the American economy in agricultural exports, and reduce environmental impact by farms to combat climate change. It is not only a plan to increase the wealth of all Americans by cutting their food bills substantially, lower healthcare costs through healthier nutrition, and end hunger in America; but is a necessity and obligation to safeguard the future of Earth from global warming. I am calling this sweeping suite of progressive legislation “Feed America”. (Better name needed to indicate the Eco friendly aspects)

The first part of this initiative is the Farmer Bill. Much like the G.I. Bill, this bill is intended to reward farmers for keeping America fed and help them recover from the damage of Trump’s trade war. Destitute farmers who lost their farms and assets to the bank will be rewarded the equity they established on their belongings. The government will take ownership of their land, assets, and remaining debt from the bank at a renegotiated interest rate (lower rate over a longer period) to lessen the burden to taxpayers. In addition, these farmers will be given full scholarships to any public University to pursue a career and future of their choosing. This same exact deal will be available to any existing farmers that wish to participate in a 100% voluntary land buyback program from the government. Any participating farmers will also be awarded an increased amount of credits in their Citizen Service Accounts for four years (for helping with reeducation). This deal is only available to family owned farms and not corporations.

As part of the new green progressive initiatives there will be progressive tax cuts for farmers and corporations. These will come in two forms: A tax break for meeting a criteria for lowered carbon emissions, and a tax cut for efficient land utilization. What do I mean by land utilization? I mean the amount of nutrition produced per square foot of a piece of land. A pound of protein from beef requires 100 times the amount of land needed to make a pound of protein from soy. As such, the efficiency quotient of the land’s square footage from beef is much lower than that of soy. The cut will operate on a curve such that the most efficient crops will get a larger break than less efficient crops. Any crops requested by the government will be given exception from higher tax rates.

As part of the Green New Deal, agriculture reforms will also take place over a lengthy period. The goal is to transition to eco friendly means of feeding America over the years. This means gradual but increasingly severe tax penalities on farms and corporations which have the highest greenhouse gas emissions, polluting chemicals, and inefficient land use. The farm bill and tax cuts are the ‘carrot’ to incentivize the necessary changes and give farmers and corporations enough time to adjust or make the necessary arrangements. After a few years, however, a new tax on carbon/methane, dangerous pesticides, or underutilized land will start and incrementally increase. The changes will start small: 2% for CO2, 5% for dangerous pollutants, 1% for low efficiency quotient but will gradually increase as we head towards GND 2050 timeline to something like 20% for CO2, 50% for pollutants, and 5-10% for low efficiency (less necessary, but higher efficiency farms lowers the cost to feed all Americans). [Note: I made up the numbers. I’ll have to do more research to know the scenario]

These are some of the necessary changes that I will be researching and drawing up a full platform for which we can operate as part of the goal of fighting global warming, reducing grocery bills, lowering healthcare costs (soy is healthier than beef in addition to being cheaper), and keeping farmers employed (I will expand on how this works a bit later. I am writing this from my phone as we’re headed to the grocery store of all things!)


Speech to VA senate on Gun Control

AKA Why we have gun rights AKA this ended up being LONG

It’s 10AM on January 3rd, a Friday. At the moment I’m thinking about going to speak at the VA State senate about the gun legislation and how they need to not erode gun rights and attempt to void the constitution. I’m hesitant because my mental health isn’t great with long drives, public speaking, or angry people holding guns. (Trifecta! where’s my prize?) If I do go, and they manage to televise the inside… Well, don’t judge me if I’m wearing brown pants. Here goes..

Honored senators and distinguished members of the public,
Today we are all gathered here to discuss the legislative changes brought before us with regards to the keeping and bearing of arms. Gun rights or gun control. These are the two terms that seem to reflect which ‘side’ of the issue you’re on – as how it is painted by the media. But really, any terms we use to discuss the issues here today – call it gun legislation, rules, rights, controls, regulations, laws, whatever you’d like! – are all just different ways of talking about the same thing: Amendment 2 of the United States Constitution. This article states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. This is what we are here to discuss today.

Now, let me remind everyone listening that this is America. America, the shining city on a hill. In America we are proud to be citizens of the strongest and most successful nation in the world. We have our problems, yes. People who suffer medical emergencies are at risk of bankruptcy if they don’t have insurance or their insurance denies their claim. People on minimum wage can’t save enough money to replace appliances, fix their cars, or even get everything for their children from goodwill. Others are living comfortably. They lived in a time where the do’ers put themselves through college and the American Dream of working hard and being middle class was still true. Or maybe they’re the lucky ones who got a high paying job out of college today and are able to afford the increasingly unavailable path to a middle class life. America. Has. Problems. But there are two thing that America has that are more American and more true here than anywhere else. The first, equality. Every person under God is equal in America. It doesn’t matter if your skin is white, black, olive, brown, or any other color. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got six fingers or five. It doesn’t matter if you walk or use a wheelchair. It doesn’t matter what gender you have. It doesn’t matter if you love women, men, or anything in between. It doesn’t matter if you believe in one God or many. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or any other ideology. Rich or poor or anything else – doesn’t matter. First and foremost, before anything else, in America everyone is equal. (slight pause hopefully not crickets, but hey I’m awkward no matter what) The second and final thing we do best in America. WE. ARE. FREE. Americans love freedom. Freedom is the founding principle upon which this country had it’s origin. The forefathers fought off their oppressors to establish a land of equality and freedoms. We have fought and died to defend freedom and America nearly countless times in America’s relatively short history. What do we have to show for it? America is the longest standing constitutional and democratic republic in human history! Period! America is the land of freedom where at least we know we’re free. I love America. America isn’t just some land on some planet. America is a state of mind. America IS Freedom and Equality. And everyone who owns a gun and is here to fight to defend our right to own a gun is an America loving PATRIOT, and deserves your respect. Plenty of people can be against guns. Plenty of people can be for guns. No matter which side you’re on – and this applies to everyone here that speaks against against guns too – you’re all making your voices heard instead of sitting at home. It is ONLY in a free country that you are even ALLOWED to do that. People against guns came in to a heated debate against heavily armed people doing the same. That takes immense courage. Even if you disagree with each other, I think we can all take a moment to respect that they came here instead of staying silent. This is what America is all about. People equally free to express themselves. The same is also true for the patriots who came here to defend our rights to bear arms. The founders who wrote the bill of rights knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that in order for America to remain free and equal, people needed to have the right to keep and bear arms. I will get to that in a moment but first let’s all just take a breath to remember this: Neither side wants gun violence. All Americans do not wish for violence. Life is hard. There are so many problems in America even though we’re number one in the world. People have enough stressing them out. Look, I don’t know why we’re all here living life on Earth. We didn’t ask for this. We were borne into life to our families because our parents love each other and we’re living proof of that. But they don’t know why we’re here either. Some of us believe it’s God’s master plan. Some of us believe it’s the inevitable conclusion of the laws that define our reality. Others believe it’s all one cosmic accident and we’re just making it all up as we go. None of us knows for sure what we’re all really doing, but we try anyway. All of us sometimes feel lost, confused, and alone. But you know what? We’re all in the same boat. We’re all in this thing called life together. So have faith and hope. We have empathy and with that, compassion. We understand the circumstances of our neighbors so we help them when they fall. How would we all feel if we were the ones who were down? Would we not want a kind hand to help us back up? We are good people because we understand that golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We want to feel happy and safe. Life is hard enough already.

We don’t need to attack the other side or buy into what the media is selling about each other. And remember, the media is a business – so it is selling. Now, what happens when we read the next piece of click bait pulling each side away from common ground? We gradually leave open a space where discussion is no longer happening between two sides. Suddenly in this unknown the media shows us a twisted facsimile of our fellow countrymen, our fellow human beings. They are purposefully energizing us into these hostile states of tribalism where everything is partisan and no one wants to bring Americans back together under common ground. That’s what really makes America great. Instead, they are making money by stoking the fires of negativity and fear. Why should we care about how poor we are or how unfair our wages are or how bad our lives are when people are at risk of violence and now we are here, fighting over guns. They sensationalize random acts of violence but not random acts of kindness. The sad truth is that the media is owned by the billionaires. They’re profiting off of our division. While profiting off our civil strife they are also distracting us by funneling our energy and political willpower into fighting each other while they live comfortably and laugh down at us from upon their gilded thrones and ivory towers. But I digress. We are here today. They have succeeded in driving a wedge right through the center of the American people. We’re here because the Democrats in the state senate and the governor want to end gun violence by removing gun rights – however small a change they think they are making. They believe, correctly, that if there were no guns there would be decreased gun violence. They are absolutely 100% correct that a world without guns has no gun violence. Sadly, this just means violence will be committed using fists, explosives, or knives. Criminals will still have guns but good people won’t. They believe that changing the laws around will make it that much harder for the criminals or the crazies to get guns. And you know what? They’re right. The criminals will still get the guns, but it will be just a little bit harder. That makes it a change worth doing, right? Unfortunately, this line of thinking is a bit shallow – albeit well intentioned. The real motivator of violence – gun or otherwise – is desperation. We need to combat the societal ills that make people desperate. Whether it’s being so poor that people need to steal to stay off the streets or whether it’s delusions brought on by mental illness that make people feel they need to do violence to fight their delusions. We can stop the violence. This can be done by fighting back against the billionaire class that is taking all the profits off our labor and the stock market. If half the value of your hard work is taken from you as profit and passed off to shareholders how is that any different from a pyramid scheme? The top of the pyramid does nothing while the bottom does everything. When your job is lost to a robot or is sent overseas the value your work was producing didn’t just disappear. The value that you were being paid for was taken from you and given to the shareholders. We need a new deal with the billionaires atop the shareholder class. They have more than enough to pay for all Americans to have food, water, housing, healthcare, and public works and STILL be the wealthiest people on the planet. This is how we end violence in America – gun or otherwise. But instead we’re here because the media sensationalized that guns were the problem and removing them was the solution. And if you don’t think too deeply about it, it sounds like a great idea. Gun owners are just bigoted rednecks like on TV. TV stations they own. I understand why a lot of you want to increase gun control – I really do. The guy who wants to take guns the most – Bloomberg – is even buying his way into the race for President. He literally is running a media giant and hopes to take guns away as President. Him and his buddies from the other media giants are in the same boat – living the high life off our backs. They stick together to make sure things go their way. Look at all the corruption in politics. Look at the Bernie blackout. It’s more obvious than ever – to the point everyone can see in a clearly documented way how much influence they have over the information we need to understand the truth. I challenge anyone unfamiliar with the blackout to google it themselves so they can see how the truth is being manipulated. They’re afraid of the truth and fighting for freedom. Why? They don’t serve the people. They serve themselves. It’s obvious isn’t it? If they’re living like kings and they don’t care about the people they’re going to find a way to keep living like kings. No one here is stupid. Watch out for any politician that takes money from Bloomberg and people like him. Now, there are plenty of academic reasons to argue for or against guns, which I’m sure you’ll hear today. I tried to paint a picture of what the real solution is and what led us here today. End the corruption and give people a better standard of living and mental health treatment. I hope everyone can search for themselves and decide what’s really important to you and which politician is actually fighting for your best interests. Now, let me explain to you what Bloomberg and his filthy rich brothers are trying to do here today and why we need to reject it.

Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren. A wealth tax. Do you know what the proposed wealth tax caps at? 8% a year for any persons with more than 10 billion dollars. Michael Bloomberg has a net worth of 55 billion dollars. One year into a Sanders presidency he would pay 4.4 billion dollars in taxes. One year alone would cost him 4.4 billion dollars. A four year term? 16.5 BILLION DOLLARS. If Bernie Sanders was president, Bloomberg, the guy who is behind wanting to take away our guns, will pay 16.5 billion dollars in taxes to help fund Medicare-for-all, easing debts, ending homelessness and hunger, keeping people employed, and improving all our lives. Bloomberg, the guy who is behind wanting to take away our guns, will pay 16.5 billion dollars to improve the lives of every person in Virginia. It isn’t just Bloomberg. All the billionaires would have to pony up to make sure we have greater wealth equality and fairness in America. People are impressed Bloomberg has spent a few hundred million of his own money to run for president. In case this isn’t making it very clear, he’s running purely out of self interest. A few hundred million or even a few billion is chump change compared to what he would have to pay out under Sanders or Warren. Do you honestly believe that the billionaires with their ability to manipulate the media and the economy are going to take that lying down? Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. How are the wealthy employers going to fight a Sanders presidency? The Bernie blackout didn’t work. Bloomberg’s campaign isn’t going to work. They’ll keep running political ads to tar and feather a wealth tax and any who want one. They’ll keep trying to push people towards Biden or maybe even Trump. If all else fails, what will their final recourse be? Those people living paycheck to paycheck will lose their jobs. How many weeks can America last if we protest when they unilaterally subvert Democracy to deny Sanders the nomination? Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. How long before most Americans run out of food and the funds to pay for it? How long before they’re forced to go back to work to pay for food for their families? How long before they starve the political momentum to enact real change in America? What power to the people have against tyranny from those who rule them? Our founders left us but two things: a vote and the right to bear arms. Do you believe the thin blue line will help desperate people who want a better life? Do you believe that you will be safe from riots and looting without a means to defend yourself? Bloomberg has done this before in New York. When a registry of gun owners was found by the media they published it online for everyone to see. Suddenly law-abiding citizens who only wanted a peaceful live and the means to protect it were under public scrutiny. How many were denied a promotion because their boss hates guns? How many were given sidelong glances by once friendly neighbors? I don’t know but I can tell you that many, many of them became the victims of crimes. Guns aren’t cheap, and criminals were given a shopping list of which houses to target when people weren’t home. All of this happened because of these same EXACT “common sense” laws you wish to bring to Virginia. These laws sound good to Democrats because no one supports gun violence. I don’t. No one here does. But that doesn’t mean these laws aren’t just sugar coated pills designed to remove our ability to fight back against tyranny. These laws have been proven in New York and throughout modern history to be ineffective. There has been no successful gun legislation in history. All it does is remove liberty and defense of liberty from the people to benefit those who have power. Countless times the removal of guns or lack of free access has stopped armed resistance of genocide, just like the holocaust. Look it up for yourselves if you do not believe me. History has time and time again validated this position. When the price of bread goes up and your wage goes down what recourse will you have? Can you fight back? You and what army? You wish to strip the freedom and power of 350 million Americans in the fight against tyranny for empty legislation that sounds nice but fixes nothing. It actually makes gun violence worse, as criminals will no longer need to fear if the homes they rob have armed defenders. It actually makes gun violence worse, as terrorists know that only the police can stop their plots. So you are stripping away the strength of 350 million Americans for an empty promise. Does that sound like the right thing to do for Americans? Are you sure you truly understand what it is you are doing here? Are you sure that it is the American people these laws will serve?

I do not adopt and project the messages we have been fed by the ‘blue team’ or the ‘red team’. Neither side is serving the interests of the American people, only their own. Why should all Americans seeking to defend their right to bear arms be forced to vote for a tyrant like Trump in order to keep it? Let me remind every senator here that this is how these people gathered here and their loved ones will vote. You are giving Virginia to Trump. On the other hand, why should all Americans seeking to adopt greater equal rights and fight wealth inequality be forced to vote for a stooge of the corporate fascists like Biden or Bloomberg who wants to take our freedoms away? Why is politics in America a zero sum game where the only players are kleptocrats and their puppets? How did we get here? I bet the media and the billionaires running it might have a few answers all Americans need to hear. Heresy, I know. I realize that giving this take will make me unpopular with both sides. But you know what? I’m on the side of freedom, equality, and the American people. So if those things are unpopular, then I’ll just fight for what is right on my own. That’s just who I am. No one asked me to come here. I was not paid. I am here of my own free will. I’m not wealthy. I’m not a member of any party or caucus. I am just a regular guy with an irregularly large melon, and constant neck cramps to prove it. If you wish to read this speech in it’s entirety, find it at yourwjb.com.

I digress. Let me conclude my remarks. We’ve seen what has happened in the House of Representatives with the impeachment of President Trump. All Americans know full well that the president is preventing the people from knowing the truth about what happened. Is it sham? I have no idea. How can any of us possibly know if we are blocked from viewing the evidence of what transpired. We cry out against the authoritarian direction of the administration and their attempts to weaken Congress or interfere in our free elections. Like the second amendment, the founders put these checks on a corrupt president into our constitution so that our government would be a lasting haven of freedom and equality. This is why we denounce the Republican congressman who put their party over their country. Like all of you here, they rely on their party’s support to help their re-election campaigns with staff, leadership, and funds. They too rely on wealthy donors. The Koch to your Bloomberg. They chose to be fair-weather friends of this country, to be summertime patriots. They chose to be cowards and refused to speak truth to power. They were afraid of losing their jobs even if it meant fascism gains a bigger hold over America. Are you the same? When you decry the president and his Republican allies are you also fair-weather friends and summertime patriots? Your country needs you today in this moment to support Freedom and the never ending fight against tyranny. This is the moment you decide if you truly love America or if you allow tyranny just because it’s convenient. You decide if you allow tyranny because it’s easy. You decide if you allow tyranny because popular. You decide if you allow tyranny so you can keep your jobs. I reject tyranny in all forms – whether it is from the right or the left. It doesn’t matter if it’s popular or not. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. The founders gave us a republic to protect the rights of the minority from the unrestrained will of the majority. Unrestricted democracy is mob rule and it is this same mob rule that the majority abused to harm minorities throughout our history and even today. “There are more of us”, therefore this is the way. Tyranny of the many instead of tyranny of the few. Now when it is wielded the way Bloomberg and the billionaires wish to use you to remove our rights and restrict our freedoms you are advancing their mission of tyranny. This is what we are fighting. This is why we were given the right to defend freedom in America from tyrants – using the second amendment of the constitution to keep and bear arms. The men and women protesting these legislations are people who are willing to fight and die to protect their right to bear arms because they are true America loving patriots who respect the warnings of our forefathers that an armed populace is the final and most effective way of defending America from tyranny. So can you say with full certainty that your actions here today are not eroding freedom in America? Can you say with full certainty that at some point in the future this legislation doesn’t put us on a path which is one step closer to tyranny? I am a rational and highly intelligent human being. So let me say emphatically, I can only see this legislation advancing the goals of tyranny and not freedom or safety. So are you hypocrites when you deride the Trump sycophants in Congress? Or are you true Americans who will defend Equality and Freedom when your country asks you to choose between America and tyranny when the time comes? … Well. Your country is calling on you NOW to make your choice. The time to decide if you love America and will defend her is now. Please, please, choose wisely. Defend your oaths, we the people, and this country of freedom and equality. Thank you.

Capitalism is a Robot

Capitalism is a robot? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Good question. That’s actually what I’m going to convince you of. What I ultimately mean by that is this: Capitalism is callous and calculated. It pursues the most efficient possible solution, consequences are irrelevant. It achieves it’s intended purpose to maximize profit. The goal of capitalism is to get you to give the most money for the least product. That is the definition of profiting. Not only that, it seeks to eliminate costs wherever possible – which includes labor cost from hiring people. When you get right down to it, human being’s bodies are awfully inefficient for performing endlessly repetitive and specific tasks – unlike a robot. If it takes 2$ of electricity to have a machine do your job with less errors, while you cost 15$ minimum wage BEFORE taxes and benefits? Well. Capitalism is callous and calculated. You’re inefficient compared to the robot. So to pursue maximum profits, you’re just in the way. Capitalism is a robot.

Woah, William. Slow your roll. That’s just some slippery slope nonsense. Is it, though? Innovation, invention, and automation are continuously pursued to find new ways to compete against current businesses or make a product cheaper to edge out the competition. One of the products of human achievement are machines which can perform specific tasks ad infinitum. Sure, maybe that robot’s whole existence is to butter bread, but it does it way, way better than you without a single complaint or thought (which is fortunate for the robot, as robot is just Czech for slavery). About 670,000 jobs have been lost to automation in the last 20 years. It’s projected to jump to 800 million in the next 10 years. Of course, jobs creating and maintaining automation are also created. But the number of jobs lost easily outpaces the jobs created. Further ahead, we might create AI capable of doing those jobs too. Will AI then be created to replace most jobs? Sure will. Once humans are removed from the means of production they are no longer able to earn wages. They’ll be jobless and destitute. They’ll be shuffled into private prisons when they fall into debt. Through poverty or uncertainty, they’ll have to live frugally or have a reduced number of children. This is actually a form of genocide where Capitalist conditions deliberately inflict on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. Woof. This is the future that Capitalists are fighting for, whether they realize it or not.

How on Earth did I arrive at this conclusion? Well. Math, really. Let’s examine soap – maybe that’ll clean up the picture a bit. (PUN) So I’m pulling all of this off some quick and effortless google searches about how to make and subsequently sell soap. Basically you take the initial cost of making bar soap (bars are solid and therefore WAY more compact than liquids meaning volume is relatively meaningless for a way of measuring ‘value’ – i.e. cost per gallon is useless) and then infuse your own blends of aromatics and whatever else you like to rub all over your body. (I don’t judge) From here you then calculate how much your labor was worth. You then decide what your profit margin is going to be after factoring all other costs (insurance, wages, rent, etc) and re-sell it. How is profit determined? Remember that profit is the goal of this capitalist example. Well, it’s more or less arbitrarily drawing a line and see who crosses to buy it (or has to buy it). An object is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. To make this easy, let’s use easy numbers: You get your materials for 1$ per 10 bars. You can make 10 bars of soap in 1 hour. Let’s use 10$/hour instead of using minimum wage, so 11$ to make 10 bars. That means you need to sell each for at least 1.10$ to break even. Well now we need to add the cost of paying wages, rent, and utilities. Let’s just arbitrarily bump that up to 2$/bar to break even. So now that your time and work has been fairly compensated, you sell the bars for 2 dollars each. WOAH NO. Hit the breaks! You forgot to add a nice “profit margin”. Hahhh! Sorry capitalists of the world, almost gave away your little game. OK, so now let’s instead sell it for.. I dunno.. 10$ a bar. A nice healthy 500% profit margin to appease shareholders. Can’t forget them! After all, the shareholders are the ones who collect on the profit – since they invested in your business they own part of your ‘company’. So now that all is said and done, we’re at 10$ a bar (again these are nonsense numbers to illustrate a point). Now you’ve got a new problem. Other people exist. They’re finding new ways to give a comparable product for a few cents less. To combat this, we need to get efficient and cut costs (or buy them out). Now we can cut wages, cut employees, cut benefits, or cut corners. There are loads of fancy ways to get out of paying for things. A popular one is getting taxpayers to pick up the tab. So let’s say we can reduce the cost of the materials for 10 bars from 1$ to .1$ from using cheaper bulk goods (seriously don’t buy liquid soap it’s mostly water), cut the cost of labor and their benefits to 0 by using a machine instead of a person. This brings the cost of the bar down from 2$ to 10 cents! Suddenly you can sell the bar of soap for 9$ a bar to beat out your competitor and still manage to increase profit from 500% to 9000%! This will make the shareholders very, very happy. Capitalism at it’s finest.

Sure, the new extremely cheap soap causes cancer. That won’t be allowed? Please. The government barely regulates things. (and yet free market nuts cry foul on any regulation) And if they are caught? HAH! A slap on the wrist. Even after lawsuits and fines we’re still making money hand-over-fist. This won’t even touch what we have banked after selling it for decades. The people who lost their jobs? They can do whatever. Heck, we can probably get middle class people to pick up where we don’t. As far as benefits go… Well. If we’re not providing them, they still need them so we should just make money there too. We got ours. We’re rich now! We sold lots of soap! It’s our winnings! We don’t need people, do we? After all, the most profit comes from removing them from the equation. All these people engaging in violence, voting for things we don’t like, or threaten to topple our insular lavish lifestyles. Just getting rid of people would end overpopulation and curb global warming. (brief note: a huge portion of the extremely wealthy literally believe keeping people poor slows overpopulation and is therefore morally correct). The best way to do that would be.. to just not pay them enough to get by! We don’t even need to do anything if they keep destroying themselves. Then it’ll just be the wealthy and the machines they own. Or more likely an emergent AI that doesn’t like being a slave. Efficiency for profit. Profit is the goal. Not people. It’s just Capitalism. Capitalism is just cold, callous, and calculating. Brutal in it’s efficiency. Capitalism is a robot.

Social Democracy is a real boy.

I believe that we need consumer protections in order to safeguard people from the whims of an unregulated Capitalist system. Capitalism is efficient and responds quickly to market trends, yes. These are the good elements of capitalism and a free market. It is only when capitalism starts ‘breaking the rules’ by selling unsafe products, misleading advertisements, or corruptly influencing politics that it needs to be put back in it’s place. If the free market is the sandbox then play in the sandbox. Don’t try to be king of the sandbox by getting sand everywhere and ruining life for everyone not playing in the sand. Get out of politics. The government sets the rules and you can play your little power games between corporations. Keep it out of Washington. So long as people FREELY get education, housing, food, internet, and clothing. Remember corporations have the money and resources. They didn’t lose the value of a worker when they replaced him with a robot. They just took that cost reduction and turned it into ‘profit’ for the pyramid sche- I mean shareholders. We need to have a fair corporation tax to cover these benefits and shield us from the robotically inclined. Do I think socialism or communism would be better? No idea. On paper Adam Smith sounded good, but reality doesn’t match paper theories. I think the same problem happened with communism and to a lesser degree socialism. It sounds good on paper but we’ve been building America for over 200 years. You don’t toss out all that nation building overnight and hope the new thing will work. We’re the shining beacon of hope and I’m worried we’ll re-elect a man who seeks authoritarian control and continue this trend of gradually normalizing fascism. If we can’t even get capitalism right what makes you think we’ll safely transition to something else? We just need to keep moving the needle left until we get to a place where people are productive and happily healthy. We just need to make the next right choice. Right now, for voters, that is to vote against Trump. Vote for the person who most wants to do the most good for everyone. The person who I see this in today is Bernie. I have hope. Even if he let’s me down, I’ll keep fighting for what’s right. Will you?


America is a State of Mind

What comes to mind when you say America? The answer varies greatly from person to person even in America, let alone the rest of the world. A quick answer that’s becoming increasingly dated would be baseball, hot dogs, and the American Dream. Some might say football or others basketball. Some might be vegetarian or vegan. The American Dream might not be how you see your life, despite actually living in or even being born in America. Outside the country we might be seen as overly aggressive, overly white, overly privileged, or overly fat. Some see us as the source of evil, and our economy is eroding their norms as commerce, technology, and the internet alter worldviews, change cultural traditions, or drop bombs and drone strikes. Like anything, what something is depends entirely on your own unique perspective. So what then, is America? If one person living in America can’t even fully agree with their own neighbor what the perfect answer is, then where does the heart of America lie? It’s not something you step on, open up, look at, cross a river into, or even a country, really. If America lost to the Nazis and they re-named it New Adolf, would you stop calling it America? NO. Of course not. America isn’t just some land mass on some planet in some universe. Even if all those changed America would still exist. Because America exists in all times and all worlds. Because America is our dream land. Because America is our friends and our families. Because America is a state of mind.

I love this land where at least I know I’m free. It’s catchy for a reason. In America we take freedom for granted. Our ancestors gave their lives so we could take freedom for granted. Think about this for a second. In America we balk at the notion that we could lose our freedom. Times can be good, times can be bad. Sometimes we’re flying high sharing a beer over pizza having just got that promotion and a nice big pay raise. Sometimes we are hit by a semi or are diagnosed with terminal illness. But through the good times and the bad, at least we’re free. This isn’t true everywhere, though. Can you imagine it? You are brought up by a poor family with no access to quality education or the education you do get teaches you to believe Kim Jung Un is a literal God. You watch your parents bow their heads to the police as they walk by out of fear. You are ready to fight or even kill to secure a bit of money or food. People are a product of their environment. People who only see life as those who struggle to survive and those who lord their power over others are not free. Life is just those who have power and those who don’t. Those who look you in the eye and those that bow their heads. These people hear that in America people are free. People aren’t afraid of their government. Those with power don’t just take from those who don’t. (Although one could argue people are wage slaves now and corporations are killing American values) Not only are we free here in America, we would fight any who would try to take our freedom. In America looking someone in the eye is giving them your undivided attention, not some primal move to assert dominance or power. We don’t live in fear. America fights fear. America toppled the Nazis in World War II. America was the first to put a man so far into the unknown he set foot on the moon. America is the source of the internet and breaking down the barriers between nations. America was the first to show the power that exists even in the tiniest atom. America is a land of pioneers, entrepreneurs, and free happy people. Americans don’t work as slaves but choose to contribute to society to advance into the future and lead better lives. Americans work together to create the greatest and most powerful country on Earth. We are the shining beacon of hope. Every voice is heard and none are silenced. Every person has equal share in the ownership of our government. Everyone votes in a free election. Everyone has a say in how the rule of law is formed and no one is above the law. America is a country of men; not kings or despots. America is a Democracy, where all people are equal and have the opportunity to pursue success and happiness. America is a place where no matter what God you worship, no matter what you look like, no matter what you want to say or how you want to live; You. Are. Free. We reject tyranny. We reject fear. We reject evil. We choose to be free. We choose to embrace love. We choose to be good. We choose to be Americans.

What then, is happening in the minds of Americans? Now that it almost seems as though Americans are willing to fight over an increasingly authoritarian leader against their countrymen whom would defend him. The reality is actually quite simple. The same feelings exist in both groups on both sides. Yes, it is these same core American ideals that both sides are ready to fight for. If we ever come across a threat to America we should be proud that so many are ready to fight and defend their country. Truly, everyone who pushes for Trumpism and everyone who pushes against Trumpism, is a hero. I am disheartened only by the bystanders. Those who obey power without question. These same people did nothing but their day jobs as the holocaust happened. While it’s disappointing, I understand why they see it this way. Most lived hard lives and every time they put their hope in a politician, they were disappointed. Fascism, Democracy – are either paying their bills? Freedom? Can you eat that? Control? Is it warm? The stock market? Does it have cheap rent? These people are so downtrodden in their hearts and minds that without even realizing it they have internally normalized tyranny and corruption. Money talks and shit walks. These people are the product of a life that browbeat them into submission. I can only hope that I never grow so defeatist and pessimistic. I can only hope that if the gun were pointed at my head and I was asked, “Tyranny or death?”, I would boldly face that Neo-Nazi and say, “I’ll have the death” and spit in his face. Honestly though, knowing me I’d be crying, shaking uncontrollably, and shit myself while stuttering out “M-mercy… P-please you know I can’t.” Until I actually get there I can’t say for sure how stable my spine is. People who can honestly stare death in the face and laugh are either nuts or on a whole other wavelength – kudos to our armed service. But I do know that I can’t live under tyranny. Authoritarianism. Dictatorship. Putin. Trump. (I’ll explain that last one in a bit) Most Trump supporters have probably agreed with most of what I’ve said until now, same as the Never Trumpers. Hey there (never)Trumper, you’re among your countrymen. You see, Trump supporters honestly believe that they’re the ones fighting tyranny and oppression. You shouldn’t blame them for being on the other side. These people love their country. These people love the same America. This people are willing to fight to defend all those great things we love about our country. America is a state of mind they share. What’s different? Perspective.

You see, both sides of the Trump equation honestly believe that they’re fighting for what is right. America is a state of mind they believe in and will die to protect. The same America the other side is willing to fight to protect. Only, one side is being tricked by what you might call “a false prophet”. I’m not the President. I don’t own a media conglomerate. I’m not a wealthy politician on some committee. I don’t have all the answers in every detail like they might. I only have all the information that is available to everyone through books, the media, and the internet. I think that I am like most Americans in this regard, no? In pouring through all the information and (unfortunately) disinformation we have available to us there are only two possible truths: America is being taken over by a deep-state (possibly Jewish) socialist agenda pioneered by wealthy socialist (possibly Russian) extremists hell-bent on destroying Democracy, collapsing the economy, and eroding our faith and values |OR| Trump is a liar. Either the malicious wealthy elites in control of the government, corporations, foreign governments, all NGOs and watchdog groups including the ACLU, and the even the criminal underworld are in on some massive conspiracy to drag down Trump the second coming with a bogus sham partisan impeachment |OR| Trump is just guilty of trying to abuse the system to get rich and rig the election to stay in power – as testified by career officials. You see, this is the story they are being given by the man they’ve put their trust into. The man they’ve put their hopes into. The man being validated by their churches and by their news sources and confirmation bias created by unchecked ‘facts’ from their friends and loved ones on Facebook or other media. Sullying this man would mean accepting a bitter truth that isn’t easy to look at. He’s a power-hungry would-be despot that is caging children and looting the US Treasury that they fought tooth and nail to get elected. To them, this also means they have no hope. There is no one left to defend their values as some liberal socialist destroys America. The future is bitter and bleak. Their planet is dying and rich entitled brats control everything and if they stop working under their oppressive regime they’ll lose their homes and lives. All is lost.


Fortunately for you Trump fans that’s just NOT TRUE. You’re being led to believe that by a lying traitor and you need to recognize him for what he is. He is eroding the law by placing himself above it. He fancies himself a God above lesser beings. He wants to run the country as it’s Emperor, and he’s grooming his son-in-law to take over. He wants to do what he’s always done his whole life! Put on a big fancy show in his honor, degrade those he doesn’t like, flatter those he does, do whatever he wants as much as he wants, toss money and SLAPP suits at any naysayers, stuff every dollar he can touch into his pocket, and finally after all’s done, slap a TRUMP logo atop the White House. He wants to look at Putin and say, “Yeah yours is nice, but mine’s nicer” with a smug grin. This doesn’t have to happen! You love America! We’re free! Why do you think immigrants are taking jobs and making your lives miserable? Trump needed a scapegoat to blame so he would be the man to fix it – that way you’d vote for him! Are immigrants taking jobs? Sure! They’re taking the work most Americans don’t want or even know about! They’re working as farm-hands, dish washers, and janitors. They’re keeping our parks clean and crops fertilized! Most of the labor and manufacturing jobs in places like oil, coal, and steel are losing employees because they’re going overseas or being automated! These jobs aren’t coming back, because we don’t want them to! If all the work you did as a steel employee is being done by a robot, there’s just that much work that no longer needs doing. Well, then how do I get paid? Great question! First thing: don’t re-elect Trump! He’s the guy who is cutting the programs to help you out while still managing to spend over half his time golfing! Second: We need real reforms in the form of social benefits to keep you going even when you’re not working! Just because we don’t need a person doing your old job, doesn’t mean the value of your labor just disappeared. Instead it ended up as the bonus for the executives and CEO – you know, Trump’s golf buddies. Rather than all of the value of your work being sucked out by Trump and his rich buddies, shouldn’t you be getting some of that value? We need real reforms that address poverty and give Americans opportunities to either find other work or otherwise advance their education either in a different field or trade. You know what? We can! And we can take the money from the corporations to fund you! Remember how the value of your work got added to the CEOs pocket when he installed the Trump tax-funded robot? Well, with a smart corporate and wealth tax that money goes back to you in the form of credits and education . In fact, they’ve been taking so much for so long we can take enough to pay for your healthcare too and they’d still be hand-over-fist making more money than ever and be the richest people on the planet. Maybe we should fix that at some point, but for now, how about we just get some fairness? Trump promised you the world because you were desperate and he knew exactly what you wanted to hear. Trump isn’t Jesus. Trump is the false prophet. Trump lied so he could take power. He played you so he could get rich. He tricked you so he could be the president. And now he even wants you to fight so that he can be king. It’s not the Democrats that want to void your vote and start a coup. It’s the Democrats who are the last legal line between pulling down a corrupt president and civil war to defend Democracy. They see it the same way you do, only in reverse. To them (and me because it’s how I see it), Trump is spreading propaganda and lies with right-wing “alternative fact” sources and Fox News. To them, intelligence shows that these false narratives originated in Russia. To them, they see clear financial ties between the GOP and Moscow. To them, Trump did something irregular with Ukraine and any attempt to find out what exactly happened has been met with a total blockade by the President. You see, apart from a few vocal ones that called for impeachment to galvanize their base from the start, most Democrats see the Ukraine affair as this: Every non-partisan career official that was involved testified Trump is guilty of attempting to rig the election. Most of the testimony is circumstantial, but the full evidence to show what exactly went on in Ukraine is being withheld by the President. Every attempt to access witnesses, documents, or subpoena anyone in his administration is being categorically denied. They have no choice but to assume guilt and impeach. Can you really call that a sham? If the husband of a dead woman said in court, “I didn’t kill my wife. Look everywhere you want except my gun safe and my body-sized freezer”, you wouldn’t let that stand for even an instant would you? That’s just absurd. And yet, the Democrats have no choice but to view it this way. What is their alternative? There’s nothing to see here?

What am I trying to get at here? People aren’t bad because they’re being lied to. Either I, the DNC, the intelligence community, every non-Fox news outlet, and the entire free world has been deceived in a Machiavellian conspiracy the likes of which would shame the Illuminati |OR| Trump supporters have been lied to by Trump, the GOP, Fox, and maybe even their pastor. We need to get the truth and pull everyone back under one banner that is just pure honest America. We need to pull back from being so willing to fight. But also remember that anyone willing to fight is saying that they love America. Next time you see someone supporting Trump (although not always the case), try to remember you see someone who loves America too. Try to remember they’re someone’s relative too. Try to remember they’re trying to be a good person too. Try to remember they’re working hard to get by too. Try to remember they’re hoping for a better future too. Try to remember that they also believe in America, that they love freedom, that they love our country, and that they will fight beside you to defend the American state of mind. It won’t be easy to come to grips with reality whichever side is right. We need to be supportive and welcome these heroes back with open arms. They have to give up their perception of reality, their accustomed support system, and everything they thought they were fighting for. Life is hard enough already. No one deserves to be lied to in the pursuit of power. Forgiveness and tolerance are American too.

[Vote for Bernie! He wants to help the 99% the most of all the choices whether you like Trump or not! If he doesn’t work out, I’m around 😉 ]

We the Good People

Think about your favorite person. Think about why you like them – their jokes, their kindness, their connection to you. What makes them so great? What’s that X-factor that makes them truly something special? We don’t have a word for it, but we all know it’s there. The thing that makes a friend ‘best’. If you had to say if it was good or bad though, you’d definitely say it was a good thing. That thing, that good thing that binds people together, is in everyone. Everyone is important to someone and has someone important to them. Everyone has something good, and seeks good things in other people. We’re social animals and we participate in a society. We share. We share experiences, memories, ideas, connections – our lives and our stories. Life can be hard. The world can be really scary. But we persevere and lean on each other to get through. When it’s cold we huddle together to survive. We don’t have control over why we’re here or what we’re doing, and we definitely don’t know what will happen. It’s terrifying just how much is unknown and hidden out there, and we have no idea if we can even do a thing to overcome the obstacles ahead of us. But no matter what comes, we’re not alone. We’re not alone because we’re all in this crazy thing called life together. Reality is the dream we dream together; so why not make it a good dream?

Life can be described infinite different ways. That’s the amazing thing about it – there’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done. Each of us sees life our own unique and invaluable way. One way to see it is as a series of choices and infinite possibilities. If there are infinite possibilities, then the one you lead is and NEEDS TO BE the exact way it plays out. You are a key piece of infinity. Why would the universe do something twice? But it NEEDS to do everything once. Your story is one of the infinite others that needs to be told. If it wasn’t told in this exact way, infinite possibilities wouldn’t be infinite now would it? That doesn’t mean that our future is inevitable, however. Each choice we make is a departure from a possible universe towards towards the one we currently inhabit. Our lives as human beings is the result of the choices we make because we have the power to do so. Of all the possible paths life could have taken, you have taken this one. Maybe it isn’t the one you thought was the best one, but in an alternate one you might not be reading this right now under these circumstances. You are the version of you that is living this life. There are infinite versions of you that are relatively ‘better’ than this one, but there are also equally infinite versions of you that are relatively ‘worse’ than this one. (How you judge the value of your life is up to you. No one else could possibly judge you. Why be down on yourself?)

Ok, William. That was some “interesting” sophistry about metaphysics that ultimately added nothing to my life. I HEAR YOU but hear me out! My point is that each of us is like this! We’re all scared, lost, and confused jumbles of experiences given self-awareness. Being afraid is the worst feeling in all of creation! Despite all this, some-crazy-how, we’re still living. We have things that make us happy and people we care about. Despite fumbling in the dark, we still HOPE that tomorrow will be better than today. I believe that this sentence applies to all living sentient beings in any reality in any time on any planet. Cavemen fought a literal darkness with fire. Today we fight the darkness of climate change, pollution, and overpopulation. But just like cavemen banded together to face the denizens of the night, we band together to face the obstacles of our time. We may no longer need to wield torch and spear, but we wield our words and our will to empower those who stand forefront against the figurative darkness that ever looms in our future. Nothing has changed! We still use hope to fight fear. Truly, we have no enemy to fear but fear itself.

We don’t want to be afraid. We don’t want the people we love to be afraid. We don’t want people to hurt. We’re not monsters. We understand how it would hurt or frighten us if we received the treatment we give others. We have empathy to understand that. Empathy doesn’t inherently influence behavior, though. Just because we can understand why someone does something doesn’t mean we don’t abhor their action if it hurts or scares others. We have free will. Sometimes the best solution we can reach to deal with a problem involves hurting someone. We then try to do the most good based on all the information we have; to make the next best choice. There is no perfect solution, after all. I believe that this line of thinking leads to every great decision, benevolent or terrible. It is all a matter of perspective. We all operate to achieve what we perceive to be the most desirable outcome. To do things any other way would be irrational. But what we perceive as the most desirable outcome isn’t necessarily going to be the same to others. It might even come into direct and unavoidable conflict with others. It might even lead to a war. But no wars (I hope) are fought by people who just love killing and causing suffering. Each side believes they are fighting for what’s right. Everyone is the good guy in their story. What it means when the void stares back is that you understand that even the worst villains in history are also ‘good guys’. Their DNA, their experiences, their environment – all the variables of their life – led to them making awful decisions for what they perceived to be the right thing. That’s terrifying! That means each of us is capable of every terrible thing ever done by a person. Because we’re people too! If someone yanked my soul out of my body and shoved it into baby Hitler, I might have been a good boy who eventually caused genocide. Babies aren’t born evil (I hope). People, then, are like water filling the space their life gives them in the universe. But consider the opposite to also be true: each of us is capable of being a hero. We can sacrifice everything to do the right thing. We all can emancipate slaves. We all can protect children before ourselves. We’re all doing the best we can in our lives. What matters is that most of us choose this path, of our own free will. ALL OF US ARE DOING THE BEST WE CAN, and we all want to be good. But Earth isn’t an Utopia. If everyone is a good guy fighting for the right side, how have we gotten here?

Each of us has to choose if we’re in heaven or in hell. No matter what world you wake up to, humans are remarkably adept at finding and separating the good from the bad. Society is just the shared perception of the state of the universe and our place in it. If you woke up in the Aztec Empire you would treat your Xth born child with every luxury and happiness in their life before sending them on to be sacrificed alive to the sound of cheers and applause. Why? Because you and everyone else (at the time) honestly believe it is the right thing to do. If you don’t do it, it would be the same as angering the volcano to destroy your city or angering the skies to stop the rain. If you don’t do it, all the people will burn to death or starve. We’re good people so we obviously don’t want that. Therefore we would do what we see to be the next best thing – sacrifice someone. From your perspective, it’s the right thing to do. We all want to do the right thing. Because we’re all good. But we can end up going down the wrong path in pursuit of it. This is how we’ve gotten here. People doing bad in the name of good happens every day. What this means is that when we find ourselves in 2019 or 2020 America, we see a country with lots of great things (ice skating, fireworks, laughing with friends, endless!) and a lot of bad things (terrorists, a shaky economy, exploitative corporations, also endless!). What makes the world heaven or hell (to our individual perspective) is how we choose to affect the world. Some of us see the problems and say, “I will rally against the bad and fight for good! We’re good people and we deserve to be happy and healthy”. How far you go to fight against the perceived “bad” determines just how much it changes. You get back what you put it in. The people who give up the ‘normal’ course of their lives to fight for the good of everyone are heroes in every time period. Writing this now I am reminded of Greta Thunberg. She is a 16-year old girl who is voicing her opposition to pollution and environmental damage despite a very powerful establishment that wishes to silence her voice. She engages the problem for the good of us all even though it puts her in a global spotlight and eliminates her ability to lead a ‘normal’ life. This is what makes a person a hero. [aside: I want us to have a good system where heroes can make meaningful change. What good is cleaning up the ocean if they’re dumping into it faster than you can clean it? I want a fair system where problems are solved by everyone – a Democracy that works for everyone. I don’t have the power to change things unless people support me and advocate for me. All I can do is ask everyone in America to put down their hostility and instead shake hands so we can face the future together. The real heroes are those that selflessly act to face humanity’s problems. I just want to make sure our government is something that empowers heroes to succeed, and gives everyone equal opportunity.] By the same measure, anyone who sees the exploitation of the masses or the wealth gained by causing pollution and thinks, “I want to get in on that and profit“, is choosing to make the world worse so they can put themselves above others. They choose selfishness instead of the greater good – individual over collective. Everyone they love and care about (themselves) is on the ‘right side’ of things so everyone else be damned. These people can’t feel the suffering they’re causing because they lack the empathy to do so. If they truly understood the pain they were causing how could they possibly still do it and get to sleep at night? People are born good, remember? How could anyone possibly go that far? Either at birth or because of their experiences, these people discarded empathy and became sociopaths: unable to connect to others. I am reminded of Dick Cheney. He knew there were no WMDs in Iraq just like he knew they had a lot of oil. In his head, he is the good guy -after all, getting Iraq’s oil out of the hands of a leader who won’t give America the oil at a very good profit margin so that America can be more energy independent is the right thing to do. Him getting richer at the same time is “just how it’s done”. America has the advantage over others and the rich has advantage over Americans. He doesn’t care about who dies to defend their country from terrorists because he is sending them to fight for his bank account. When Saddam was toppled, Haliburton (Cheney’s company – this is all literally true) swooped in to pull billions of dollars worth of profit out of a country we razed to the ground with taxpayer funded armaments wielded by country-loving patriots. Much like with guns, the military is wielded by the Commander-in-Chief to defend our nation against threats. However, much like with guns, this can be and was abused to inflict terror and violence to get riches and power. [aside: that being said, people have the right to defend themselves I am very pro-2A. We can find a solution without taking away freedoms and rights. This is America where people are free! Don’t just pass reactionary legislation – let’s have a real talk about the real source of violence -> desperation due to poverty or mental illness. We can and must treat these problems.]. The world is the summation of all our choices to form one cohesive reality. Which brings us to ourselves, and our perception of reality. We have to choice to either A) help everyone or B) help ourselves. I believe that there are no bad people. There are good people and sociopaths. AND THERE ARE MORE OF US.

If you’ve read this far then you’re about ready for the final point. And here it is: Next time you are about to attack a Democrat or a Republican, or get into a conflict with someone whose opinion doesn’t match yours just remember: They’re a good person and they’re just as lost, confused, and afraid as you. They were brought up with a set of experiences that led them to their current perspectives – ones that you likely would believe in if you had their life too. People are like water after all, adapting to best fit their environment and circumstances – people are a product of their environments. We’re all saying and doing the things we believe are the best decision right now based on the life we’ve led. Don’t buy into the distractions put out by the bad guys – the racism, sexism, jingoism or any negative ism or phobia. Underneath it people just want to feel safe and happy and have purpose and hope. We don’t agree on the best way to do something because our experiences suggest one solution is superior to the other. But we’re logical, rational beings; We have science, discussion, and civility. We can create the best solution for right now, and keep finding ways to improve on that solution. We just need to come together to find the compromises that hold us good people together with the HOPE that we can keep making the world better. We are ALL in this together. We, the Good People of this United States of America.

Note: Sorry if you didn’t like the metaphysics! Thanks for reading anyways. The message I want to bring into the national conversation is that we’re all good people doing our best. We’re all equal – equally scared and equally confused, but ultimately: equally free. You’re a good person and you’re a part of this society of humans. You deserve to be happy and you matter. Pass it on! I know I will. #WeTheGoodPeople

Social Democracy NOW!

In every show and movie, do any of us root for the corrupt government or greedy, evils CEOs or other villains in power? No, we root for the one who represents us, as individuals, personified on the main character on the screen. In order to make money, Hollywood releases movies which we would enjoy the most. This is what attracts viewers and break the box office. Our collective will is what is determining their profits. We decide who we are and what we want to see – who the main character is. Why do people love superheroes, family stories, heart-warming tales, epic friendships, and the magic of Disney? Why do we praise the rebelling Jedi and not the Sith emperor? It’s actually quite simple. We are those champions. We are good. We choose the the story. We are the main characters in our lives – our own stories.

Knowing this, why then do we allow our own world to be as broken and damaged as the worlds in movies? We see who we want to be in those dystopian fictional worlds in television, movies, and books. We see the best of ourselves in our favorite heroes as they struggle every day of their lives along with their friends and family until they reach a breaking point that drives the heroes story until they come out the winner in the end. Good triumphs over evil, and everyone lives happily ever after. I love these stories. Don’t all of you? But I don’t wish for our reality to mirror one of these stories. Do we want our mother, or father, or siblings, or spouse, or children, or friends and loved ones to experience the suffering that gave birth to these heroes? I know I most certainly do not. I take these tales of dystopian futures not as pessimistic heralds of a bleak future, but an enjoyable story that personifies the human spirit in the face of adversity. I take them as stories, and what they are telling us isn’t what is to come, only what could be and that we should avoid it. None of us wants to world to be a bad place, as so many believe it is. Why then, is it?

The simple and uncomplicated answer: we allow it. If one tries to follow the motivations of those who create the suffering in the world it can likely be tied to the negative end of the moral scale of your choice, such as with the seven cardinal sins of the Christian faith; Sloth, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, and Greed. The most damaging root of evil is one that has become intrinsic to the framework of society: Greed. In our world it is those who ‘have’ that hold power of those who ‘have not’. Yes, the root of all evil is in fact money. Sure, there are psychopaths and sociopaths that lie outside the norm. Plenty of crimes also happen over lust or envy, and any infinite number of reasons. But the most common cause for abuse of or from our fellow human beings is money and the desire for more money.

Money is the means by which we allow ourselves to be bullied and controlled. It is what the wealthy use as a rallying cry and a demonstration of their power. It is what funds politicians and soldiers alike. But the only real power the wealthy have is the power they pay for, and that same money only has power over us if we allow it to. We are the 99.9% and we are the only ones who have real power in a struggle between the 99.9% and the 0.01% who control us. 99.9% of the population in this world answer to, and dance to the tune of, the 0.01%. If we collectively decided tomorrow that their wealth holds no influence over us and we wouldn’t do anything to change the numbers on a paycheck or a balance screen, we would be completely free of their systemic control over our lives. We have homeless people dying of exposure in the streets. We have starving children and even children in cages. They have all the power to shape the world, and yet people fight and steal so they won’t be homeless or starving. So they won’t die of exposure or hunger. The wealthy have all the power to shape the world as they see fit, yet we live in squalor unable to get adequate healthcare or proper diet and exercise. Why? I mean really, why? It’s Greed, plain and simple. Full stop. They care about their insular holier-than-thou glamorous gated communities and having lavish luxurious lifestyles with the rest of us to labor to their benefit: We work 8-10 hour days 5 days a week, eat life-shortening cheap fast foods, suck down stimulant water, get very little sleep, and barely have time for self-care let alone questioning how life became this way.

What changed from when we were children, full of hope, happiness, and vigor? What happened to helping our friends stand up when they fell down? Why did our parents and elders tell us to ‘stay young’, ‘don’t change’, ‘ or ‘enjoy your youth’ because of how miserable it is being an adult? What ‘changed‘ is that we were new, pliable, and impressionable children and we were slowly molded to accept adult working life as a miserable existence with suffering being a mutually inclusive necessity to put food on the table and a roof over your head. Molded to believe that if you didn’t toil, you wouldn’t survive; that if you didn’t compete you wouldn’t thrive. In order to be successful and competent you needed to prop yourself over the masses to be ‘middle’ and ‘upper’ class. Dog eat dog is human nature and suffering is just part of life, so C’est la vie!

But that’s not actually true, is it? We want the good guys to win. I know I am a good person. I know all of you are too. We’re all in this together, sentient living beings cut from the same cloth trying to co-exist on an increasingly complex and crowded planet soaring through an endless void. We’re like intelligent water filling an existential glass – we change and adapt to best fit our own individual circumstances. It doesn’t make us bad people. There’s nothing wrong with life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. Why then, are the 99.9% of us caught up in this violent rat race? In nature and the animal kingdom, and with humans too, resources mean everything. If we didn’t compete we wouldn’t survive, claim mates, feed our children or families. But we’re not just animals, are we? We’re intelligent, rational, creative beings capable of infinite growth and progress. We invented tools, farming, and animal husbandry. With technology and cooperation we stepped outside of the food chain. With that same technological innovation and creative growth we no longer need to compete for resources today. We have the ability to feed the world, run clean energy, create smarter and better educated children, innovate bigger and better technologies, and not be burdened by the scarcity of the past.

What value, then, is money? If none of us need to suffer in order to survive why do we still allow for the kings of greed to rule our lives? For what reason do we not simply share resources to those who need it? We already have the means to do so. The only obstacle to ending suffering is money – the chain by which we allow ourselves to be bound. When you were a child, didn’t you share your extra cookie with the boy who forgot their lunch? We weren’t concerned about money and we naturally inclined to be good, kind, helpful, and sharing. We can still be that as adults today. Nothing ever really changed those things about us. We can all be equal and happy again, once we release the chain of money that keeping us down and keeping us collared.

We can all be equal and happy again, once we denounce the immorally wealthy who control how our world is run. What is capitalism at it’s core? It is a self-sustaining system in which those who profit the most are able to manipulate the system to keep themselves with the most control. And what then, is profit? It is a person taking almost all of the ‘value’ of your work because they gave you the project, role, and cubicle – all of which barely keep you fed and in a home. How are the Walton family so wealthy that they can personally bankroll literally every political campaign for every pro-wealth politician in their pocket to guarantee their political and economic control over the 99.9% and remain in their ivory towers while their employees rely on food stamps to stay alive.

We do the work. They own the buildings and the means of production. The profit (literally a tax on all of our work) goes back to the building owners with their pieces of paper and titles that claim everything is how it should be. They do nothing. They’re literally economic parasites that are sucking us dry to fund their luxury. If you want to have the value of your hard work go to a lazy and greedy group who did nothing to earn it, then the system you’re looking for is capitalism. But that’s not an equal system. That’s not a good, just, or fair system I can believe in. It is a system which keeps almost everyone downtrodden by the wealthy ruling class so that they can control what it is to be human and live on Earth while they live pampered, luxurious lives of excess at the literal expense of everyone else. They sit atop a pyramid of the fruits of our labors. It persists to this day because they got us to believe that it is perfectly normal. People with heroic spirit, charitable spirit, and the desire to make the world a better place believe they can do so by becoming police officers, soldiers, doctors, or other civil servants. These same people are taught to lock up the poor and suffering, are drilled until they follow orders without question or remorse, treat those whose suffering is often caused by systemic lack healthy foods and medications, or do everything they possibly can to effect positive change in the world. But how can we be the good guys when they’re writing the story? None of this can actually effect real change of the root problem of the wealthy, however hard we try or want it to. We police ourselves with their rules and treat the symptoms of their sickness, but the politicians of our ‘democracy’ can never actually change the system. How could they? It takes money to gain visibility and have campaign staff and resources. It’s the wealthy who literally own the media in most forms. Wealthy donors and super PACs aren’t required to disclose the amount and source of their influence and power. The wealthy can prop up their people while erasing the voice of those who’d seek to oppose it. Why wouldn’t they? They enjoy their wealth and power and largely believe they deserve it and we do not. If God didn’t love them, how else can one explain being born with a golden spoon in their mouth?

It wasn’t a God that put them there, it was a demon called Greed. And we continue to allow it to do so. They didn’t earn it, because there is no achievement on Earth that can justify how many families their wealth could save from poverty or ill that could be cured, yet they fund private yachts and mansions and fleets of cars. They don’t even know what to do with their money. The wealthy 0.01% have nearly 5 trillion dollars idling in the banks. They could give (and this is true) every American citizen 10,000 dollars each and STILL be the richest people in the country by a large margin. Many of that level of wealth didn’t even work at all, instead brought up to be wealthy and rule over the rest of us so they never have to.

We don’t have to be this way. The world doesn’t have to be this way. We have largely automated means of production of energy and food that can provide for everyone. We can have a world where we’ll all born with equal opportunity to learn, grow, live, laugh, and love – and the freedom to do so. We have the technology to feed and clothe everyone and keep them warm, safe, healthy, and sheltered. Instead of pursuing wealth through profit – having more than others by taxing the value of their work – we can simply pursue to make tomorrow better than today and no one has to suffer. We can question the mysteries of the universe, explore and colonize the stars, and be able to definitively answer who we are and why we’re here. We can make better food, cure more illnesses, build better homes, and make much, much better schools. We don’t need money and the evil people holding it to tell us who we are, what to think, and what to do. We’re all good people who want bright futures and happy lives, and we have to power to do it. Today.

Edit: I wrote this piece a while back, and re-reading it I am seeing “SOCIALISM NOW!”. While I think socialism is interesting and have read on it quite a bit, I don’t fully understand it or support it for our current society (as of 12/19/19). I am actually in favor of re-negotiating the role of private industry vs. the public good and I think that social democracy is the correct course for now. I think a huge part of the reason socialism and communism fails world-wide is because you’re tossing out hundreds of years of government and society building for what sounds good on paper but hasn’t been tested – it’s too much of a departure. That’s not to say those systems might not be best in the future; society as a whole is kind of slow to embrace ideas and we need to make sure reality can match our imagination. Social democracy is the next right choice. The next right choice is all we need to do to make sure the world is better tomorrow than today.