Hey! Glad you’re interested. Again, this bit isn’t important but it’s public domain so I’ll put it up here.

William Bishop
I was born August 29th 1989 in the Subic Bay Naval Base (former base in the Philippines). It was on “American soil” so I’m a natural citizen! (My parents worked for the Navy on the base at the time). I lived there until I was 3, then moved to Guam. Lived there until 7, then moved to Silverdale, WA. Lived there until 9, then moved to Whidbey Island, WA. Lived there until 11, then moved to Jacksonville, FL. Lived there until 13, then moved to Chesapeake, VA. Lived there until I entered college at 18 at VCU in Richmond. (To all the navy brats out there, I share your pain.) Studied at VCU for two years until I decided I hated bio-engineering and then moved to ODU and commuted from home. Studied there for four years changing majors several times until I finally matriculated with a CS Degree. In 2013 I started working in CS with companies including HP, Pariveda, and Rockwell Collins in Florida and Texas. I left CS behind after I came down with panic disorder and severe depression. I am recovering and trying to contribute meaningfully from home in Floyd, VA and am ready to start working on things that actually matter to me: helping people and engaging in politics. For a long time I went in and out of my cubicle and didn’t feel I was really contributing meaningfully in a way that mattered to me. I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure myself out and I’m still trying. What I do know, is that I want to help tackle issues that are really affecting people: global warming, pollution, poverty, homelessness, hunger, immigration. I feel the best way to help is to get into government so I can make sure that we have regulations in place that aren’t making things worse faster than we can fix it. That means hard but necessary changes such as carbon pricing, EPA regulations, stopping corporate exploitation, combating disinformation, and tax reforms. So, what you see is what you get! Every day I affirm a simple mantra: I am a good person among good people, we can make today a little better than yesterday, and we deserve to be happy. #WeTheGoodPeople

Basically, I’m a regular guy who loves hanging with fun loving people and has way too much fun playing video games. In a world without problems and a need for labor I might just sit around and play games and laugh with some buddies for hours and hours. But we don’t have a perfect world, do we? The reason why I often deal with depression is because I am so very aware that things aren’t right. I can’t be at peace while I’m surrounded with so much suffering and inequality. I won’t just stand to the side anymore (as comfortable and easy as it might be – and I definitely understand anyone who doesn’t want to upend their comfy life to try to change things). I realized that if I want the world to change, I needed to be the change I sought in the world.

So what is my motivation? I want a better world so I can feel truly at peace when I decide to be super lazy. When everyone is happy, healthy, safe, connected, and productive; then when I look up at the world I won’t frown but smile. As nutty as it sounds, I’d do it for free. Playing games with friends isn’t expensive.