Arrest Senator Rand Paul Now

Politicians are NOT above the law, and I will show CLEARLY that Rand Paul committed a felony.

Update: He did it again! Only this time more people were watching. We can’t tolerate this. This is how a nation descends into lawlessness.

In case you didn’t know, Rand Paul attempted to have Judge Roberts read the names of a CIA employee right-wing media believes to be the whistleblower: Eric C. Judge Roberts refused to read the question in it’s entirety because it is a felony to do so. However, Paul, being a scumbag, turned around and read the question anyway directly to the media on live national television. That’s right. RAND PAUL COMMITTED A FELONY ON LIVE NATIONAL TELEVISION. Let that sink in. Right now, Rand Paul is one of 53 people separating you from a happy America without Donald Trump. Right now, Rand Paul is a free man actively damaging the future of America and the future of YOUR LIFE despite the fact that he IS LITERALLY A FELON.

So let’s break down why it’s a felony, shall we?

The Whistleblower complaint is covered under U.S. Code § 3033(k)(5) which specifically states, 

“…employee of an element of the intelligence community, an employee assigned or detailed to an element of the intelligence community, or an employee of a contractor to the intelligence community who intends to report to Congress a complaint or information with respect to an urgent concern may report such complaint or information to the Inspector General.”

This means that public servants of the intelligence community CAN file a complaint though the Inspector General, which they DID as explained by the Inspector General directly!

Those who claim that “the Whistleblower protection act doesn’t cover protect the identity” are neglecting to mention that the Supreme Court specifically said IT ABSOLUTELY DOES in the Lane v. Franks case:

Here the Supreme Court specifically says, 

“The importance of public employee speech is especially evident in the context of this case: a public corruption scandal. The United States, for example, represents that because “[t]he more than 1000 prosecutions for federal corruption offenses that are brought in a typical year . . . often depend on evidence about activities that government officials undertook while in office,” those prosecutions often “require testimony from other government employees.” Brief for United States as Amicus Curiae 20. It would be antithetical to our jurisprudence to conclude that the very kind of speech necessary to prosecute corruption by public officials-speech [*241] by public employees regarding information learned through their employment-may never form the basis for a First Amendment retaliation claim. Such a rule would place public employees who witness corruption in an impossible position, torn between the obligation to testify truthfully and the desire to avoid retaliation and keep their jobs.
Applying these principles, it is clear that Lane’s sworn testimony is speech as a citizen.”

What does this mean? It means that the whistleblower is protected by THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Since the whistleblower is now CLEARLY SHOWN to be a free citizen providing testimony to a crime, that makes whistleblowers WITNESSES. Ignoring that it is violating the spirit of the Whistleblower Protection Act, the whistleblower is clearly facing retaliation AS A WITNESS TO A CRIME. In other words, Rand Paul attempting to retaliate against the whisteblower is a form of witness intimidation!

Punishment for witness intimidation is 20 years in prison under US Code 18 section 1512.

Attempting to out the whistleblower is retaliation that violates the Whistleblower Protection Act, a violation of the whistleblower’s first amendment rights, and a form of witness intimidation.

What does this mean for Rand Paul?

The consequences are crystal clear: removal from office with 20 years in prison and a fine of 250,000 dollars.

That. Is. Literally. The. Law.

If Rand Paul doesn’t go to prison, and you aren’t screaming to the media, your social media, and your elected officials that he needs to be arrested RIGHT NOW, then you are complicit in allowing politicians to be above the law. Their behavior of acting above the law needs to stop RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Once one goes down the rest will shortly follow.

If you believe in America; If you believe in doing the right thing; If you believe in the law; if you believe in equality; if you believe in freedom:
Get ANGRY.  Get LOUD.  

Tell your State Representatives and Senators to serve justice to the American People!

Tell your Twitter feed to serve justice: #ArrestRandPaulNow

Tell anyone and everyone you can that right matters.  That serving justice matters.

Because if right doesn’t matter, then we are lost.

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