Being Rational about Impeachment

Yesterday, President Trump was impeached and became the third president in the history of the country to face this historic rebuke by Congress. The impeachment, however, passed through the house along party lines effectively creating further division between the parties and the people they represent. Personally, I’m not a Democrat. But, I’m definitely not a Republican either.

The Democrat Majority sees the case like this:

The whistle-blower brought awareness to a potential issue, everyone asked to explain that came forward testified that something very untoward was happening in Ukraine by the President, and the President is withholding any and ALL testimony and direct evidence that EXISTS IN ALL OF REALITY. The conclusion they reached based on this is that the withheld evidence must be damning, as it won’t be released. As such, they must assume the worst and the president is attempting to subvert Democracy to hold power. I understand why they take this position, and considering what they believe is at stake, I would argue it is the correct one.

The Republican Minority sees the case like this:

Some Never Trumper tarred Trump with their so-called ‘whistle-blower’ report. Something shady is going on between Schiff and the whistle-blower. This is a coup that the Democrats have been working on since 2016 and they finally have something they can make look like a smoking gun. What Trump did in Ukraine looks pretty greasy, but there’s no evidence. This is all hear-say and Ukraine isn’t saying anything and they’re corrupt or weak anyway (seriously Doug Collins you titanic piece of s— you’re the only one saying that and you KEEP SAYING IT STOP). The President is right to look at Hunter Biden because there’s corruption there and we hate corruption. This is all a big show to impeach the president, where’s the proof of a crime? The President doesn’t need to participate in this, it’s a witch hunt.

Cool. So for me, that’s hard to understand while staying rational. However there is one key point here that the Republicans are RATIONALLY using to their defense and the Democrats are RATIONALLY using for their attack that I think would really end all this tribal back and forth: the President won’t show us (Congress who is supposed to be able to see it, and us – The American people who have a right to it if not classified for National Security) the surrounding documentation and speak to the relevant fact witnesses. I.E. There’s no hard evidence to prove he is guilty, and therefore is innocent is their argument. Normally, I would agree. However, here I take issue. If in a normal criminal court the defendant is accused of murder but says, “You can do whatever you want but you can’t look in my gun safe or in the body-sized freezer because I have immunity”, you would laugh at the sheer ridiculous of it. That is what the President is doing to the Democratic Party. That didn’t fly in Die Hard and it definitely doesn’t fly with the Democrats. No one is above the law.

This is a bit like looking at a glass of water filled half-way. For the Democrats the glass is half-empty: the president is withholding evidence that is damning to hide from his crimes. For the Republicans the glass is half-full: the president is withholding evidence that is exculpatory because he believes this is all a sham. No matter how you see it, the glass is at 50%: the president is withholding evidence. (Although I would argue that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… and the Republicans are putting party ahead of country) Both parties should be screaming for the evidence from every rooftop. Republicans should scream, “It’s a sham! Prove it so this will end!” Democrats should scream, “It’s tyranny! Disprove it so this will end!”. WE SHOULD ALL BE SCREAMING, “MR PRESIDENT GIVE US THE TRUTH”

So my challenge, then, is this:

WHEN the evidence the President is withholding is released, the truth (for once) will become clear. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat or don’t care about politics. Ask yourself this: If the president DID try to get a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT to into interfere IN OUR FREE ELECTIONS, THE TINY THING KEEPING US A DEMOCRACY, into looking into his POLITICAL ENEMY via coercion, would you be okay with that? Essentially, will you still stand behind Trump if he is in fact betraying Democracy? This is how Democrats are perceiving the issue. Conversely: If the president DIDN’T try to COERCE meddling in our elections, will you back off? (At least until the election)

By controlling the information, the President, his AM pundits, and Fox News which support him have constructed an opposing world-view which is mutually exclusive from anyone who consumes news BY ANY OTHER OUTLET. They have transformed American politics into a zero-sum game. I FIND THIS COMPLETELY REPREHENSIBLE. THIS IS THE ROOT OF DIVISION IN OUR COUNTRY. I don’t know if he’s working for Putin (something about ducks), or if he thinks that creating this chaos to the detriment of our country is the best path to win re-election. (Either way Putin wins) What I do know, however, is that if we can pry the information out of the executive (much like pulling a bullet from a wound) we can find one truth and finally pull the country together under one FACTUAL AND TRUTH-BASED narrative and begin to heal all this hostile division.

So then, what is the only rational way to view impeachment?


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