William J. Bishop

William [wilyuh m] noun : Free-thinking champion for American citizens

Before I tell you what I’m all about, give my policy ideas a look!

I advocate for bringing people together and making positive, progressive changes to our country. I want to be a public servant that represents the welfare of all Americans in our government. I want to reach for the good things that exist in all people, regardless of party or ideology. Everyone can make valid points and everyone ultimately wants to have a better future. Americans are good people who want to have healthy and happy lives. I want to be in government to ensure that your government is there to hear you and support you and that you can have faith in it. There are a few bad apples out there that want to frighten you or hurt you or exploit you. These people don’t have your best interest at heart so why should they represent you? This is a representative Democracy, after all. I want to be a politician you can trust because I am a good person, just like you. I’ll worry about you and speak up for you so that you are free to live the life you want, because helping you is the life I want. I am an independent, and independent from influence. No hidden agendas here. I don’t want taxpayer money or to get rich; I just want your understanding and support. If you support my ideas or want me to represent you: Please, please pass this along to someone else. What I need the most is visibility, and that comes from every supporter helping advocate me and my ideas. I don’t want to pay anyone or have anyone pay me (except to eat!). Let’s take the money out of politics and put in trust and revive the idea that a government is ‘For the people, by the people’. We’ve had enough corruption in our government. I refuse to be party to that, but I WILL be a party to making our government better. Please support me so I can support all of us, together. We are the 99%. We the Good People of this United States of America.

Policy Proposals

There are always new ways to make things better! Nothing is perfect, and to err is all too human. You know what? That’s OK! That’s what is so amazing and great about Democracy and the rule of law. We can keep adding to it and keep improving and no one’s voice is left unheard. We all have something to contribute and we can work together to improve the future. These are my current proposals to make positive, progressive changes to solve problems that exist right now. We create a perfect world one step – one right choice – at a time. Let’s make the world better together.

Current Stances

These are my stances on the issues we all care about and how I want to make changes or prevent changes to benefit all of us, not just the privileged few. This list is absolutely not limited to what is published here. If you want me to look at an issue or think that my perspective is lacking information from your life please, please share it. I want to include you because you matter and your life matters to me. That’s why I want to work in our government, and I think that should be every politician’s reason. Until then, I will fight for you even if no one else does.

Public Journal

This is a public-facing journal in which I publish exposition on my perspective and how I think that perspective can benefit everyone. I hope we can all come together under common ground because we’re all good people and we all want better lives.

Let’s build an America for all Americans.